Thursday, March 1, 2012

Guest Post: Author Ava Michaels

Men and vampires…

Sometimes I wonder what more can there be in life?
I’m out promoting my new series titled HIS BODY, HIS BLOOD which is an erotic romance series featuring a gay man named Van Scott who works for a secret organization that kills vampires.  They’re real, they’re here, but it’s Van’s job to kill them. 

To expand the story some more, I made the organization give Van special jobs sometimes and in the first book, his job is to protect a man named Daniel Winters.  The vampires are after him and if Daniel dies, then it may be all over for the organization which means it would be all over for the humans in their attempt to fight the vampires. 

Of course, being the writer I am, Daniel Winters is a beautiful man and the attraction between he and Van is instant.  What makes the attraction even stronger is that the organization has strictly told Van to stay away from Daniel… yeah, right! 

The book is titled Secrets because everyone has secrets.  Van is this though guy on the outside but a good, soft man on the inside and Daniel is able to break him down throughout the story and eventually we learn how Van got to where he is today.  As for Daniel, he too has a secret to share but his is a little more serious, one that shakes Van to his core.

This is a fast pace story, with a lot of action, and of course, some great sex.  The ending will leave you wanting more, which is a good thing because the second book in the series is going to be live hopefully by the end of March!

So, with that said, what kind of secrets do you hold?  ;)

To buy HIS BODY, HIS BLOOD:  Secrets –
Van Scott’s job is to kill vampires.
The organization he works for is a secret, and when they ask him to protect a sexy man named Daniel Winters, the secrets only seem to pile up.
Van’s lust for men has burned inside him for years, and even cost him his relationship with his parents. He has always been able to control himself and his secrets, but with Daniel Winters, he feels as though he cannot control himself.
There’s only one rule Van must follow when protecting Daniel: do not fall in love.
After a vicious attack by a nest of vampires, both Van and Daniel are left vulnerable and soon secrets are exposed and rules are broken… but it is Daniel Winters who holds the biggest secret of all.

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