Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review: Thread of Death by Jennifer Estep

PhotobucketThread of Death
Book 5.5 in the Elemental Assassins series
Publisher: Pocket Books
Format: ebook
Length: Novella
Author's website: Link
Gin Blanco, aka the assassin the Spider, might have finally killed her nemesis, Mab Monroe, but that doesn't mean that it's smooth sailing. Gin goes to Mab's funeral to say her goodbyes and runs into some of Ashland's most notorious underworld power players, including Jonah McAllister and Phillip Kincaid. McAllister wants her dead, and Kincaid has his own murky motives when it comes to the Spider, and Gin once again finds herself fighting for her life. Only this time, she might wind up in the cemetery right next to Mab.
Thread of Death picks up right where the previous book in the series Spider's Revenge left off.  The main heroine of the story Gin Blanco has recuperated after her big showdown with Mab Monroe.  She's not feeling 100% like herself but knows that she's got to get back on her feet because she pretty much has a bulls-eye on her since the word is out on who she exactly is.  She attends Mab's funeral with her loved ones that support her to no end.  They are there to support her and it's a good thing because Gin runs into all kinds of trouble at the funeral.  She receives lots of nasty stares from the baddies that are in the town and soon finds her own life in jeopardy when someone tries to take her out.

It was good to see Gin get out there and stare people in the eye to let them know that she's not going anywhere. If there is one thing that I like the most about her character is that she is no shrinking violet!  She's earned her name The Spider for a reason and I think her appearance at Mab's funeral is not for her to rub it in others faces with what she has accomplished, but to let them know she will do whatever she has to do to protect not only herself but the ones that she loves.  I'm pretty sure the next book in the series By A Thread will just be another example of Gin doing just that since everyone is now at a greater risk. 

I'm giving Thread of Death a rating of:

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  1. I just started this awesome series - beginning with this novella. It was a perfect spot to jump in and I'm so glad I'm finally reading these books! Thanks for the review.