Friday, February 3, 2012

Review: The Duchess Diaries by Jillian Hunter

PhotobucketThe Duchess Diaries
Book 3 in The Bridal Pleasures Series
Author: Jillian Hunter
Publisher: Signet Select
Genre: Historical Romance
ISBN: 9780451413123
Release date:  2/7/12
Author's website: Link
As headmistress of the Scarfield Academy for Young Ladies, Miss Charlotte Boscastle is tasked with keeping her charges free from notoriety. But when Charlotte's diary goes missing, she can't imagine having her most intimate secrets fall into the wrong hands.

Although the confessions in the diary he found spark his interest, the Duke of Wynfield has every intention of returning the journal. But when Gideon's encounter with Charlotte takes on an unexpectedly passionate nature, his indiscretion causes a scandal that only marriage can cure...
Charlotte Boscastle has had her eyes on the Duke of Wynfield for quite some time.  Not only is Gideon extremely attractive, but he's got a reputation for being naughty.  Charlotte records her thoughts and fantasies about Gideon into her diary and only she alone can revisit her feelings for him.  That's what she thinks until her diary goes missing.  After finding out that Gideon is in possession of it, she sneaks into his place in the hopes of a quick snatch and grab.  However Gideon discovers her and takes the opportunity because they are alone to let her know that he likes her as well.  They both give into their attraction and before they know it they are found in a somewhat compromising position.  Her family worries that she may be dishonored so Gideon does the honorable thing and decides to marry her.  Suddenly Charlotte finds that while her fantasies of wanting Gideon are coming true, it may come at a cost.  She feels that he's only marrying her because he's been forced to and she wants their marriage to be filled with love.  While their relationship may start off with a scandalous feeling to it,  Gideon can't help the feelings that begin to surface and finds that all he can think about is Charlotte.  Losing the diary may have just been the best thing to happen to Charlotte.

I have to say that I absolutely adored Gideon's character from the minute he appeared on the page.  The reader can definitely feel a naughty vibe coming off of him and he has this attitude of, I just don't care, that I found refreshing.  He knows that his reputation of being a rogue is correct and makes him even more appealing to the ladies.  His title of Duke has also added to the mystery of the man.  But underneath it all, Gideon is just a man that is lonely.  He lost his wife and feels that he will never find a woman to truly love.  So he's happy to play the role of the rogue until he sees Charlotte shopping in a marketplace and can't take his eyes off of her.  He's finally meet his match as Charlotte is the type of woman that can handle herself.  In fact men are afraid that she's not afraid to speak her mind so she's not approached by many.  It takes her quite a bit of time to realize that yes Gideon is attracted to her.  I found their scenes together entertaining due to their light hearted banter.  The ultimately want what's best for each other and while Gideon fulfills all of Charlotte's fantasies, she manages to do the same for him.  He has a hard time admitting that this type of love is what he has been waiting for and it was wonderful to see them fall in love right before my eyes.  He truly was honorable and wanted to do the right thing for Charlotte so it was only right that he found happiness as well.

I'm giving The Duchess Diaries a rating of:

I found myself not wanting to put this book down once I started reading it. I was literally swooning at some of the heartwarming things that Gideon said to Charlotte. He truly was the equivalent of a prince riding in on his horse to save the day. The love that they shared felt like a fairy tale and I myself fell in love with Gideon. He was so much more than what everyone thought he was and I thought that Jillian Hunter did a great job allowing the reader to see bits and pieces of what he was truly made of just as Charlotte was discovering more about him.  I only had a slight issue with the wedding night, which didn't happen like I thought it would.  I wanted it to be special for their first time together and I felt that it lacked that specialness.  There was passion, but I was just a tad disappointed in how everything progressed.  But I wasn't disappointed at all in this well written book which I enjoyed much more than I thought I would.


  1. This sounds cute, but a diary is seriously the cause of everything? I'm not sure I can get past that part of the story.

  2. C - Yes the diary was the cause of everything. Things were so different during those times. I do think that these 2 would have found their way to each other because before the diary fiasco, he flirted with her a bit. He didn't know if he wanted to make that next step since his wife's death. Although it is possible that he could have stayed on the mistress route.

    1. This does sound super cute! I'm adding this series to my want to read list.