Friday, February 17, 2012

NetGalley Review: Time Out by Jill Shalvis

PhotobucketTime Out
Author: Jill Shalvis
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release date: 2/21/12
Author's website: Link
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NHL coach Mark Diego’s plan to spend his off-season volunteering in his hometown goes awry when he learns that not only is he coaching teenage girls, but that the program is coordinated by energetic (and five feet two inches of trouble) coordinator Rainey Saunders, his childhood friend–and the woman he could never stand to see dating any other guy…

When their tempers flare, Mark and Rainey discover their fireworks don’t just burn angry–they burn very, very, hot! But that’ll just sweeten the victory. Because Mark always plays to win. And with Rainey, he’s planning on playing very dirty too…
Rainey Saunders grew up having a crush on Mark Diego and when she finally got the nerve to tell him how she truly felt about him it was a disaster. They've kept their distance from one another for all these years and now when the opportunity arises for the two of them to work together, Rainey tries her best to keep her emotions in check. But it's not easy to do around Mark because he is even more sexy then what he used to be.  Mark notices that Rainey has grown up to be a very attractive woman and the connection between them is electric when they see each other for the first time.  Jill Shalvis always does a great job with these types of scenes in her books because I can always sense the attraction between the characters.  The tension between the two of them can be felt by all of those around them and before you know it they have a hard time keeping their hands off of one another.  As much as Rainey wants to be with Mark she knows that he's not a relationship type of guy and doesn't want to have her feelings hurt in the end.  It's difficult for her to be around him at times because he does he does so many selfless acts to help the kids that visit the recreation center that she works at.  He truly feels for the kids and his hometown and wants to because he is able to help not only financially but by volunteering himself and some of the players from his hockey team.  Mark also gets to see how much Rainey does for the rec center by giving so much of herself to everyone.  She is extremely caring and he soon realizes that he is developing feelings for her as well.  This is a new territory for the both of them since they haven't had much luck dating others. 

What I loved most about this book is that Mark was downright irresistible! He would place himself in Rainey's way at every opportunity he could find because he just enjoyed being around her.  He doesn't realize it at first that Rainey brings out so much goodness in him that by the end of the book he is a changed man.  He pushes her buttons every chance he gets and her reactions to him were downright adorable.  She can't resist him and finds herself losing control and giving in can I just say that I'm happy that she did.  Their love scenes are extremely well written and hot!  There is a level of intimacy that is felt between them that they have not experienced with anyone else. 

I'm giving Time Out a rating of:

I love books that have two main characters that are the last ones to realize just how much they are meant to be together. I like it this way because I get to read all about their journey throughout the book from start to finish.  The reader gets the chance to be a part of the relationship as well and this is why I enjoy Jill Shalvis's books so much.  She has a great way of setting these characters up so that they have no choice but to fall in love and that exactly what happened to Rainey and Mark. Time out is one fun, hot read!

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