Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guest Post & Giveaway: Virna DePaul


Welcome to stop #11 in my blog tour For Chosen By Sin (Para-Ops #3).
Thank you to Bells for having me here today!  This tour focuses on my writing and my paranormal series, but also my Twelve Resolutions for 2012, as well as the resolutions of my hero in Chosen By Sin, werebeast Dex Hunt. Those of you who know Dex know he's a bit...difficult, so I'm curious to see what he comes up with. (Psst: Dex doesn't actually know it, but his “resolutions” are more like a Twelve-Step Program designed by me to get him to his HEA).

I'll be giving away a prize to one commenter from this blog stop, but I'm also giving away one grand prize to one blog tour follower.  See the giveaway details below! :)

The Para-Ops Series: Five years after the Second Civil War ends, humans and Otherborn—humanlike creatures with superhuman DNA—still struggle for peace. To ensure the continued rights of both, the FBI forms a Para-Ops team with a unique set of skills.  (Chosen By Blood (Book 1), Chosen By Fate (Book 2))

So what's Resolution #11 for me?  Resist Binge Online Shopping

This is usually cyclical for me.  Winter, when all the holiday sales and enticements are going on, is the worst time for me.  It's especially hard because I'm on the computer and online so much.  I suffer from the “why not buy it and if it doesn't work, I can always return it” philosophy.  I think in small doses, this is fine, but I tend to end up with bags of stuff I never returned in the time I should have!

And what's Resolution #11 for Dex Hunt?

Here's a hint from Chosen By Sin.

However he got the information, Mahone was counting on Dex bringing him back something useful. And if the “good” shape-shifters wouldn’t open up to him? Well, Mahone had prepared for that contingency, too.

By strategically leaking Jesmina’s suspicions about Dex to several shape-shifters, Mahone was gambling that word would get around and that the “bad” shape-shifters would go after Dex themselves.  After all, what better way to get those shape-shifters’ attention than to dangle the promise of immortality in front of them. Immortality not just for them, but for the dark spirits they raised.
Of course, that meant others might hear the gossip and go after Dex, too.

In effect, Mahone had probably unleashed a whole hella-lotta nasty on the werebeast. Mahone couldn’t afford to feel regret or to hesitate because of it. 

I hate to admit it but all this time I've been telling Dex he needs to trust and let his guard down.  That is so true.  But Resolution #11 for Dex is this: FBI Director Kyle Mahone is basically a good guy, but he always has an agenda.  Proceed with caution!

Want to see a trailer I made depicting the Para-Ops characters as I see them?  Dex is particularly yummy!  Here's the link:

Bio: Virna DePaul is a former prosecutor and now national bestselling author of the Para-Ops Novels. She also writes contemporary romantic suspense for Harlequin Romantic Suspense (It Started That Night, May 2012) and HQN (Shades Of Desire, June 2012).

Blurb for Chosen By Sin:

The longest life isn’t always the happiest one…

For now, werebeast Dex Hunt serves on the Para-Ops team, but his true purpose is to kill the werewolf leader he blames for his mother’s death. Biding his time, Dex keeps his emotional distance from his team members and anyone else he might care for, including a mysterious vampire he met in L.A.

As a doctor, vampire Jesmina Martin has dedicated her immortal life to healing others. As a scientific researcher, she’s trying to prolong life spans, in particular those of her adoptive dragon-shifter family and the werewolf who saved her as a child. Her greatest hope lies with Dex, a werebeast she believes can gift immortality to others.

Only Dex knows nothing about his gift or the fact Jesmina wants to harness it. After a passionate night together neither expects to see the other again. Weeks later, they are reunited in France and forced to acknowledge a fragile miracle—a new life struggling to survive. At the same time, they must stop a group of rebel shape-shifters hoping to unleash every demon in hell. But before Dex and Jesmina can save their child or the world, they must relinquish their secrets, face their fears, and open themselves to love.


E-version ($4.99)

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  1. Online buying is so easy but adds up over time. It's a problem for me too. And those after-the-holiday sales just prompt you to hurry and buy stuff, that you might miss out. What was your craziest after-the-holidays purchase? One year I bought these musical ornaments for the kids in the family only to wrap them and bring them to the Christmas party later that year and find out my aunt did the same thing, same ornaments. She handed hers out first and I ended up having to hide my bunch. lol
    LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

  2. The only thing that I buy online is books and only for my Kindle and Nook. I am one of those weird people that loves to go to the stores and walk around looking for deals. Yes I do that Black friday thing too. lol

    proudarmymom32 AT yahoo DOT com

  3. Online shopping can be addictive but fortunately I am pretty good about returning what doesn't work - I just hate the shipping and handling charges when it happens. I'm actually worse about buying clothing in a brick and mortar store and returning it than with the online stuff. Loved the little snippet that let us into the mind of Director Mahone. Dex needs to watch his back:)

    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

  4. I have that online binge shopping problem, too. I need to make a resolution about it.

  5. Thanks for the awesome post and tour! It's been really enjoyable!

    I, also, suffer from binge online shopping, but it's usually Kindle Books. Even though I buy all the cheapies, they add up! I've been making more of a conscious effort to read the premise and then decide if I should buy it instead of autobuy. And putting things on my wishlists, so I have to time to "think it over".

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Oh my! I totally agree with you for this online shopping: my biggest problem are books! Being from Canada (Quebec) the english books are more expensive so I get to buy them on Amazon and Book Depository to save some money!....but I must admit that I'm a freak about books! Thanks for this giveaway!

  7. Hi Bells,

    Thanks so much for having me on your blog today!! I love being here! :)

  8. LadyVampire2u-I love that ornament story! I've had hits and misses, too. Clothes and shoes is probably where I have the worst luck! :)

    Sue Sattler - I love browsing, too. Drives my husband crazy!

    Maria D. - I'm generally a good returner but every once in awhile... Glad you enjoyed the snippet!

    mbreakfield--Only if it's a true "problem" Hee her

    erin - Yes, wish lists are a good thing! Glad you're enjoying the tour! ;)

    Proserpine - Books are a given addiction and not a "problem" in my mind. So good for you!

  9. Great resolution! I have the same problem. I hope Dex is careful. christina_92 at

  10. Hi Virna and Bells -
    I'm not a binge shopper except when it comes to books. Drives my husband nuts. He's always saying, "There is a library you know!" The thing is our library system is rather prudish and won't get many of the books I like to read.

    I wish you success with your 11th resolution.


  11. Loving the tour so far. Great excerpts. Thanks for the chance.

  12. I like this resolution! I have a bad habit of buying online as well and then not liking it! Most of it ends up on Ebay :/

  13. i can't buy on internet so it's not a problem for me^^;;, i have to wait for someone with a bank card to order on bookdepository to be alble to order some books in english so i have time to make list ( even if i add some in the last minute^^;;) it's only 2 or 3times a year

    Now i should be more careful when i'm shopping in secondhand shop^^;; ( since i couldn't go out since end of november i'm healing a bit and i'm missing all the sales)

    all the best


  14. I mostly buy books online.On occasion I'll buy toys for birthdays when I know I can't get into town.

    Do you have to have certain things around you when you start listening to music? Do you prefer to write in the morning or evening?


  15. Hi Virna!

    You know that it is a great joy to have you here today! Thanks for including me on the tour for Dex's book! I love this series and it's characters!

  16. I just picked up Chosen by Blood and look forward to catching up on the series. Thanks for stopin by and for the giveaway!

  17. It is frightening how easy it is to just hit a button any buy LOL I have not made resolutions this year taking a moratorium on them, but had I done so this would be and excellent one to make. Thank you for sharing today the Para-Ops series is definitely on my wishlist and I thank you for the opportunity to win a copy to get me started :)

  18. I totally need to add "Resist Binge Online Shopping" to my resolutions list... I don't know why I didn't think of it before seeing as how that is a major addiction of mine. I'm on the computer alot too and that's where I get into so much trouble:)

  19. Stephanie A.

    The only online shopping I have a problem with is pre-ordering and ordering books! Then again, its not really a problem to me :) Proceeding with caution is always good advice! I really enjoy following this tour and learning a litle about you as well as Dex :)

  20. Great post, and I so agree, going on a buying spree when feeling down or something. Internet is so easy for that. Good luck with the next one!

  21. Both of you had great resolutions today. I always go a bit overboard myself with my online Christmas shopping, and Kyle is the master of so many plots, that Sex really needs to be on his toes.

    Cathy m
    caity_mack@yahoo dot com

  22. Dex must proceed with caution with the FBI Director. Though Kyle Mahone is basically a good guy, he always has an agenda.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  23. Good resolution about the online shopping. I got myself in serious trouble on Ebay a few years ago. I bid on more auctions than I could afford, not seriously thinking I would end up winning so many of them. Put a serious dent in the budget, so I was eating a lot of ramen noodles for a while.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  24. HOLY SMOKES!! Dex is HAWT!
    I only buy books online.

    rea0903 at gmail dot com

  25. I have much more trouble resisting in person than I do online - especially at the Christmas Tree Shoppe which moved into our area about a year ago!
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  26. I too also suffer from BOS- especially when it comes to clothes for my daughter!


  27. Christy--Thanks for stopping by!

    Victoria-libraries are great but yes, we can't be limited to that paltry selection! LOL

    Vanessa N. Glad you're enjoying the tour. Good luck!

    bluesun1218--I'm not a big Ebay person. Yet.. :D

    miki-Second hand shops are great! Hope you're healed soon!

    elaing8 - I can write anytime and pretty much anywhere, even at a place like Starbucks. But I prefer to write in the morning so I feel "done' and can enjoy other things without feeling guilty. :)

    Bells --XOXO :)

    Rain Maiden--Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy CBB and good luck with the giveaway!

    Denise Z - So glad you stopped by! Good luck!

    *yadkny* It's hard to distinguish between passion/skill and addiction! :-)

    Darkest Embrace/Stephanie A. - Too many books? Def not a problem! Thanks for commenting! V

    Aurian - THanks so much and take care, V

    Cathy M--LOL Sex it is! :)

    booklover0226--Thanks for commenting!

    Kathryn Merkel--Ahhhh, Ramen. Not too bad, but yes, the stress of "winning" can suck. THanks for stopping by!

    andie--Yay! So glad you like Dex! :)

    Di--That's prob true. If I could blip in and out of stores, I'd be in trouble too!

    Bethany C.--Ahh, clothes for your daughter. Great excuse for BOS!! :) Take care and thanks for commenting today.

  28. Who needs enemies when you have a boss like Dex's! Yeesh!

    I love your resolution about on-line binge shopping. I am only guilty of that with book shopping. It happens when I find a series I like long after it began so I buy the whole thing.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  29. Yeah, I have to admit...I shop online a little too much too. It's just too easy!! I HATE trying stuff on at the, I shop for clothes a lot online and just return what doesn't work. But, I've been pretty lucky and most stuff fits. I buy a lot of stuff for the grandkids online too and ship it them...they get a kick out of getting something from the UPS guy! :)

  30. Every time I read another post, I get more excited to read Chosen by Sin and the rest of the Para-Ops series. Dex sounds like a fantastic character and I can't wait to read his story.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  31. I definitely know what you mean, I think I kind of have that online shopping problem too, lol. It's just way too convenient and it also doesn't help that I signed up to get deals and offers sent to my email... :P


  32. Online shopping during clearance sales is such a bad thing for me. I try to resist completely but I fall for at least a couple a year.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  33. Great resolution. I don't do much nonlinear shopping, unless it's books. Though, I should cut back on that. Nah, I'll cut back on something else instead lol

    june111(at)att (dot)net

  34. I like window shopping online but mostly I need to see it in person. As for can be pretty addicting!


  35. Love to window shop online then empty the cart. Lol sure saves me money