Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review: The Spy Who Left Me by Gina Robinson

PhotobucketThe Spy Who Left Me
Book 1 in the Agent Ex series
Author: Gina Robinson
Publisher:  St. Martin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 9780312542399
Release date: 11/1/11
Author's website: Gina Robinson

If there’s one thing that can ruin a vacation, it’s running into your ex. Just ask Treflee Miller. If she’d only known that her husband Ty would be here in Hawaii—muscular, sun-bronzed, and infuriatingly gorgeous—she would have brought the divorce papers for him to sign. But life is full of surprises when you’re married to a world-class spy…

Ty Miller can understand why his wife is tired of playing Mrs. James Bond. He’s never home, he’s always on a mission, and he’s usually surrounded by exotic informants. He has to admit that the perfect spy makes a pretty lousy husband. But for the sake of Ty’s security and Treflee’s safety, they can’t blow his cover. Not here. Not now. Not when his longing is so strong, her lips so tempting—and his enemies so close…
It's not easy being in love and being married especially when your husband is a secret spy who is never home.  Treflee Miller feels this way and although she is still in love with her husband Ty, she decides that she can no longer be married to him. In the hopes of feeling better, she heads to Hawaii as part of the bridal party of one of her cousins.  Her cousin has decided to not get married and takes the bridal party on a vacay to her honeymoon destination.  Treflee is shocked to discover that the one person she doesn't want to set eyes on is in Hawaii as well.  Ty is undercover and he and Treflee have to pretend throughout the entire trip that they've never set eyes on one another.  This is when the fun starts because Ty is absolutely gorgeous and Treflee has to stand back while women paw all over her husband. Yes he's still her husband and Treflee acknowledges this throughout the book because she hasn't gotten over him yet.  I loved this because there were times when she was seething with envy and wanted her man to herself!  Treflee also manages to find herself in the middle of his undercover work because she's curious as to what Ty is up to.  So not only must he figure out what's going on for his work, he has to protect Treflee now once the goons that he is after thinks that Treflee is a spy as well!  Oy!  This visit of Hawaii turns into quite a production that involves guns, crazy car chases, and second chances for Treflee and Ty.  I found myself laughing out loud while reading because there were some parts that were absolutely hilarious.  I also teared up a few times because Treflee really lets Ty in on how she feels about his job while understanding how important it is to him. 

I'm giving The Spy Who Left Me a rating of:

The author Gina Robinson does a great job of making the reader feel as if they are right there with the character at every step of the journey. I found the main characters to be absolutely adorable and found myself rooting for them throughout the book. It was obvious that they were still crazy for each other and I think the trip to Hawaii was the kick that their relationship needed to get it restarted. If you like comedy and some drama mixed in with lots of action in a story, then you'll really like this book!


  1. This sounds like a really cute romantic read and the action makes it sounds even cooloer.

  2. This sounds so fun. I have added it to my wish list. smiles....

  3. I normally don't do contemporaries, but I do love spies! Going to have to check this one out.

  4. I read your e-mail post and went straight to my public library's web site. The book is now on hold and I have wait about 2 weeks to get it. Not a problem though since my TBR pile is 50 books high. LOL

  5. Janiera - It's definitely a fun twist on the contemporary genre.

    Christi - I hope you enjoy it. :)

    Victoria - YW :)

    C - Let me know what you think!

    NoraA - Thanks for checking my blog out via email! I know what you mean about the TBR pile. LOL