Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Releases: Week of 10/31/11

Holy moly there are a lot of books out this week!


These books are out in paperback for the 1st time!


Contemporary Romance

Out in ebook only. Jill's story is this book is
about Logan. If you've read the Lucky Harbor series
you will know who that is.

Historical Romance


Random Books


I absolutely adore Mindy Kaling! 
Very funny actress!

I've gotta read this. I want to know what he has to say!



Yes I am including this one because there are
actually some folks that like him.


So I used to watch Voltron with my brothers when I was a
kid and I have to say that I cannot remember what
happened after the 3rd season or so. I mean did the show
every end on a happy note? I might have to see this one
day to find out. LOL


  1. Ive never heard of Voltron but that thing on the cover looks like what the Power Rangers morph into lol

  2. Nikki - Voltron was the show back in the day. It's 5 lion robots that fit together to make the robot. Yeah Power Rangers totally bit off of this show. LOL

  3. So many books I want. Stupid car issues taking up all my extra money!!

  4. Bells: I LOVED Voltron too!

    and damn it... what's with Lora Leigh having ANOTHER Breeds novella in an anthology. Her website sucks for telling us about new releases. GRRRR... I want to read, but don't think I'll go spend the money on another anthology. Will my OCD survive skipping a story?! *bites nails*

  5. I've already bought Drink Deep and Jill's ebook for my kindle. Had to start Drink Deep last night as I needed to know what was happening with Merit...guess since on my kindle, I can't throw it if the end makes me mad like last time.

    Great job Bells!