Monday, October 31, 2011

Tell It To Bells: Movies That I CANNOT Watch Again!

Since it's Halloween I thought it would be fun to do a post about movies that absolutely scare the shit outta me!  Some of the movies are gory, some of them are not. Some of them play tricks with the mind, and I find that those are the scariest ones.  Now some of these movies may seem tame to some folks.  But keep in mind, they freaked me out, in a psychological way that I just can't watch them again.  


6.  The Hills Have Eyes
You just knew that bad things were going to happen to
the folks in this movie.  And when it did happen, it made
me sick to my stomach!  Yuck!  The people that lived
in the hills...lets just say that I wouldn't want to ever run
into one of them!

5.  The Descent

I'm not claustrophobic, but I would be if I happened to be
in this movie!  A group of women go cave spelunking
and get stuck underground! They have to find their way
out of the caves and they run into something...err
someone freaky!!! Dark, damp, caves
that have creatures in it that want to eat you!
I barely made it through this movie and looked at
my husband and said,"I will never watch this movie again!"

4.  Candyman
scared the hell outta me!!!  This entire movie was freaky
and I don't care what anyone says, I will never say
Candyman 3 times while looking in a mirror! Hey
if you want to go ahead that's your prerogative
but know this, If you see this man below
remember these 5 words:

3.  Silent Hill
*shivers while thinking about this movie*  This was one
freaky movie y'all! The little girl was freaky, the town was
freaky, the characters are freaky including that man up
above with the triangle head.You don't know what's real
in this movie and it just freaked me out so much.  
I used the word freaky a lot huh?

2.  The Shining
"Here's Johnny!"  Yes this movie is a famous one.  I first
saw it when I was a child.  My mom used to let us watch a
whole lot of stuff and that's probably why a lot of these
movies scare me so much. Now Jack was crazy as hell in
this movie. The woman that played his wife, whenever
I saw her I thought of her playing Olive Oyl (in the Popeye
movie)and I just didn't like her. LOL I just remember her
sob crying and it sounded so wimpy, but I probably would
have done the same thing with crazy ass Jack chasing
me. And that boy and that REDRUM
talk, those weird twins, the blood, the scene
where he went back in time, that maze. CRAZY!!!!

 The number 1 movie that scared the shit outta me the
most that I will never, never, never, ever, ever, ever
watch again is...
  1.  The Exorcist

The reason this movie scares me so it's another one that
I saw when I was very young. I can remember watching it
in black & white (yes I am old and hush)
and just having a freaked out feeling the entire time I
watched it.  It is eerie, and everything about it
scared the hell outta me.  Oh gosh just thinking
about it has the hairs on my arms sticking up. Linda Blair
and that voice and that tore up face! Ok...I'm done! 
I can't talk about this movie anymore. 
*looks around room* 
Yes this movie played with my mind and you know what
it wins!  That's why I will never, ever, ever
watch it again. Oh and btw, it's my moms favorite scary
movie. I will never forgive you for this mom! 
You have messed me up from watching scary movies!
Hey I gotta blame someone! Hehe

So...Tell It To Bells:
Tell me what movies have freaked you 
out so much that you never want to 
watch again! 

Happy Halloween!


  1. Not so much freaked me out but made me gag...The Human Centipede...OMG, never again....

  2. I hate scary movies. Probably because I saw so many in the 80's when I was young. The Shining, The Exorcist, and The Original Friday 13th are movies that ruined the genre for me and that I will never watch again.

  3. Bells you're the only other person I know who has watched THE DESCENT. I found it to be one of the scariest movies I've ever watched.

  4. I'm right there with you on The Exorcist! Scariest movie EVER! I saw 5 mins, FIVE MINUTES, of The Hills Have Eyes on BASIC CABLE and it freaked me out so much that I will never watch it. Right after The Exorcist, I say Paranormal Activity. I can't even talk about that movie. Shudder. Also, The Ring. I didn't know what to expect from it and it's the only movie I can think of that made me try to run from the TV in my own house. I need to see The Descent...or not?! Will I sleep?! LOLOL!

  5. I've never really watched a lot of horror movies. But one I'll never watch again is A Nightmare on Elm Street. It's not really the killing that scares me, it's the dreaming that does, how easily you could die in that movie. How dreams kind of blur into reality.

  6. I really liked The Descent. Mostly because it was all women and scary as hell.

    I'm with you on Candyman though! I remember watching it with my hubs like 13 years ago when we were first dating and he came into our apartment bathroom while I was using it and turned off the lights and started saying "Candyman!" really slow and scary. What a shit! lol

    Happy Halloween Bells!

  7. OMG The Descent scared the life out of me! And Carrie? i watched that movie as a kid and haven't recovered since! The ending scared the shit out of me !

    Happy Halloween Bells!! xoxo

  8. Nikki aka Sookeh - Oh that movie was nasty! Blarg!

    Jay - Same with me. Saw so many when I was young that scared me that I can't watch stuff now.

    Victoria - Thank goodness someone else knows that I'm talking about!

    Chena - YES girl! See you know what I'm talking about!!!

    Judi - OMG I totally forgot about that one! I couldn't sleep after seeing it!!!

    Rhianna - LOL! Sounds like something my hubs would do!

    Shelly - Oh gosh the pigs blood! AAAAAHHHH!

  9. I think you list is pretty right on here LOL I might add the Omen series of movies; I think it is something about the little kids going bad that just creeps me out, same with that old classic The Bad Seed. Even though my son is past that age now, perhaps it is just every mother's nightmare possibility :)

  10. I am trying to catch up on two weeks worth of posts I have missed, so I am limited my comments but I just HAD to chime in and say HOLY SHIT The Descent - NEVER. AGAIN. That movie hit ALL my "holy shit!" buttons LOL - great post!!!