Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review: Men Out of Uniform Anthology

PhotobucketMen Out of Uniform:
Three Novellas of Erotic Surrender
Authors: Maya Banks, Karen Tabke, Sylvia Day
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 9780425243169
Release date: November 4, 2011
The hottest thing about a man in uniform is imagining him out of it...

They may enforce the rules, but when men in uniform are off duty and under the covers, they're experts at breaking them. In this searingly sexy anthology, popular authors Maya Banks, Sylvia Day, and Karin Tabke present men in uniform-unzipped...

Soul Possession
Author: Maya Banks 
Jessie spends a hot night with two sexy-as-sin detectives, only to be accused of murder the very next day. But when Jessie becomes the target of a serial killer, her two detectives will risk everything to have her back in their arms—and in their bed…
I felt as if Soul Possession was the weakest story of the 3 in this anthology.  I've read other three way scenes and the ones in this book just wasn't that sexy to me.  The two detectives just seemed kinda leery to me since they frequented Jessie's place of work to convince her to have a three way with them.  After they all did the deed, they started having feelings for her and although they didn't really know her, thought she was nice and wanted to take care of her.  I just didn't see domestic bliss working out for the 3 of them.  I didn't feel a connection to the characters at all, but, the one thing that I did like was Jessie's strength.  Something happens during the book that I don't want to give away and Jessie didn't give up and thought clearly about what she had to do.  Seems to me that she would be just fine without the two detectives.  ;)

I'm giving Soul Possession a rating of:  3 Bells

Author: Karen Tabke 
Karin Tabke’s Wanted follows the X-rated exploits of bad-boy cop Colin Daniels and the soon-to-be-ex-wife of a mob boss. He’s been hired to guard her body, but it drives him to distraction instead, putting his career—and his life—on the line...
I enjoyed this story because it involved the finding of a long lost love.  Colin and Sophia are the main characters in this story and were once young lovers.  Sophia ended up marrying a mob boss and now she is on the run.  Colin ends up protecting her and realizes that she is the one that got away from him so long ago.  Wanted had lots of excitement as the 2 characters try to find their way to safety.  Colin doesn't know who to trust to keep Sophia safe and that added an extra element of mystery to the story.  Sophia doesn't hide her feelings that she wants Colin and their sexual chemistry is just as hot than the one night they spent together long ago.   There were also lots of funny one liners in this story as well as some hot ones.  Sophia is one lucky woman because Colin is one sweet talker and is talented between the sheets! *fans face*
Oh, you are selfish, Sofia.  So, so selfish," he crooned.  "Keeping all of that sweetness to yourself.
Yes I enjoyed this story very much and I loved the connection between the characters because they both truly meant something to one another.

I'm giving Wanted a rating of:  4 Bells

Taking the Heat
Author: Sylvia Day
It’s time for protected witness Layla Creed to come out of hiding and take the stand in Taking the Heat by Sylvia Day. Layla has only three days to reconnect with federal marshal Brian Simmons—and slake the white-hot lust that has simmered between them for years…

This last story in the anthology was my absolute favorite.  It also involves a reconnection between 2 characters while on the run to safety.  Brian and Layla were once lovers but decisions were made and they separated.  Now they are back together and Brian's job is to escort Layla so that she can testify against a criminal.  The feelings that they have for each other are still strong and it doesn't take long for them to pick up in the bedroom where they left off.  They both know each other so well and can push the other to the brink of insanity.  Their scenes were HOT and made me feel all aflutter while reading them.  Brian is a dirty talker as well and if you don't know, I love a dirty talker!   He's also a smooth talker and while yes a lot of what he says is sexy, it can also be touching at the same time.  Here's one of his gems:
I've dreamed of having you like this again...hungered for it until it gnawed at me.  Your body is like food and water to me, Layla.  I can't live without it.

Brian also provides a great dinner.  Well, you don't actually eat dinner with Brian...the food might actually get cold because Brian will make you want to do lots of other things than eat food.  *wink*  I loved Brian so much that I'm putting him on my Book Boyfriend list! 

Taking the Heat gets a rating of:  5 Bells

Overall, Men Out of Uniform gets a rating of:

I think they should have put the 2nd story first, that way it would have balanced the book a little better. This book was full of sexiness and naughty one liners that had me laughing and fanning my face at the same time.  I love how alpha the men are in this book without going overboard.  They aren't afraid to speak what's on their mind and it doesn't come out cocky or arrogant. When they say they are going to do something, they are going to do it right.  Loved it! Marq and Mandi, you guys were on point about this book!


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Wasn't Brian awesome? He willdefinitely be included in my Year End post. I need an entire book of just him!

  2. Totally agree with your thoughts!

    Those last two - whoa baby!

  3. Damn you Bells. Now I must read this one and I have no room for it this month!

  4. Sounds good.
    Gotta love men in or out of uniform ;)

  5. AW I love Maya Banks and hoped it would have gotten at least a 4. I'm excited to read this regardless. Sylvia day's book sounds great :)

    Not to mention that cover? Oh boy.