Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Smutty Goodness: Meet My New Book Boyfriend!

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to introduce you to my newest book boyfriend.  Now you're probably wondering why I haven't talked about him before.  Well his book just came out last week and although I had read this story a while ago, I couldn't talk about him until now.  I'm currently writing the review for the book and will have it on the blog soon.

Just a warning, Diskant is a very dirty talker...
and I LOVE a dirty talker! *wink*

Book Boyfriend of the week:
Diskant Black


Diskant led them down a hall and entered an empty office. As soon as they were inside he closed the door, tossed her bag to the ground and turned a lock. She mirrored him, plopping the helmet beside the duffel.

There were no words. One moment she was standing beside him, shivering in anticipation. The next she was bent over the desk, her shoes, jeans and panties gone, leaving her lower half naked and entirely vulnerable to the two-hundred-plus pounds of sexed male directly behind her.

Somewhere in the back of her mind her all-but-forgotten modesty reminded her that there were people outside in the bar, all of whom were probably aware of what she was doing. Strangely enough, she told that part of herself to zip it and leave well enough alone. Finally she was going to ease the unrelenting madness. She wanted to feel the heat of his skin against her, the firm, unrelenting length and width of his cock inside her.

“You’re so beautiful.” He pressed his chest into her back, forcing her to lie flat on the desk.

She remained there when he rose and she felt his hands cup her ass, his fingers curving over and carving a path along her skin, leaving tendrils of electricity in their wake. A quick swipe of the tip of his cock along the lips of her sex and he was pressing inside, that hard ridge of velvet steel spreading and filling her until she rose on her toes to take him deeper. Like this, she felt as if they were truly connected, in a way she’d never been before.

Diskant groaned and rolled his hips. “Damn, you feel good.”

Gripping the edge of the desk, she pushed back as he moved forward until all she could hear was the steady slap of skin meeting skin. The softness of his sac slapped her clit, creating new, dizzying waves of pleasure. She shifted slightly to the left and felt him stroke the spot inside that made her crazy, the wide length pressing against her until she welcomed the intense burning in her belly that signified ecstasy was close.

The room spun as he pulled free and turned her around. She wrapped her arms around his neck when he cupped her hips and lifted her until her legs were situated snugly around his waist. A smooth thrust joined them once more and he carried her to the nearest wall. His hand came down and plucked her clit, his index finger and thumb heightening her ecstasy with exquisite, expert touches.

“You like that?” His expression was one of passion as his thrusts continued, and his voice was distorted and thick.

“Yes,” she whispered and watched the muscles rope and cord in his neck as he supported her weight, adjusting her so that he went deeper and deeper.

A firm yank sent her into his chest and she lapped at the visible skin along his shoulder before pulling at the leather jacket to reveal more tanned flesh. She teased the surface with tiny nips of her teeth. An encompassing heat spread through her from belly to pussy. The impulse to bite and mark him as her own was too powerful to ignore and she chose the fleshy spot that connected the neck and shoulder. She bathed the area with her tongue, cleansing his skin, and pulled her lips back as her teeth sank deep.

His hoarse, elated cry as she bit down was accompanied by a metallic bitterness on her tongue. She bit harder in response, forcing her dull incisors and canines into the giving flesh, driven by the taste of blood and the smells of sweat and sex. An unrecognizable growl rose in her throat, as if she contained an animal of her own beneath her skin. She rotated her hips, pressing against him until he was lodged so deeply inside that he felt as if he was a part of her.

“Fuck, yes.” Diskant continued thrusting as he mirrored her and claimed the unmarked side of her neck. His teeth sank deep and she felt her body begin to peak, that delicious warmth spreading from her womb beyond.

Since I like Diskant and his dirty talking so much, I thought I would include a snippet so you could see for yourself.  Trust me when I say that this is just one scene and there are lots of others. ;)
“Do you have any idea what that scent does to me?” His voice changed, so throaty the vowels were distorted. “It drives me mad smelling you, knowing your cunt is dripping wet and hot as hell. If it were possible I’d go down on you at the same time I fucked you. That way I could taste your cream when you came around my cock.”
To quote the author Aline Hunter aka JA Saare:
This ain't your momma's romance!

Available to buy at:  Ellora's Cave, Amazon, B&N
Aline Hunter:  Website


  1. your new boyfriend is hott! Lucky girl, enjoy him throughly!

  2. Hmmmph... I'm not gonna go there! We both know the truth... But a great way to start this morning ;)

  3. Tena - The book is really good. Check it out if you get a chance.

    Xee - You're not going to let this go are you. *sigh*

  4. For the love of all that is holy woman! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?! Adding this book to my TBL ASAP!

  5. Jen D. - Girl this book is one smutty read! You will love it! The storyline is also great and I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

  6. What "one" really specific thing makes Diskant Black your new boyfriend? I must admit his face on the book cover is a bit different from most of the men that I usually view. He looks like he has that "B" type personality. The type that says, "take care of 'B'izness

  7. Chandra - I loved his possessiveness of his woman. When he realized that Ava was his mate, he would do anything to protect her. He had been waiting a long time for his mate to come into his life. He's very alpha as well and I enjoyed that part of him as well.

  8. He sounds great. Thanks for bringing him to my attention :).

  9. Umm.. should I be embarrassed that I'm slightly breathless? Geez. Hot, hot hot! I'm definitely going to check this book out.

  10. Oh my Bells! I love that cover! :)

    And I don't know if you won this award yet, but I nominated you. ;) It's one you could win some fun bookish items on.