Friday, October 21, 2011

I've got 2012 on my mind!

*Due to the Rapture taking place at 6 pm tonight, I thought it would be best to post what books I'll be missing in 2012 since I'm not going to be here on 12/21/12 anyways!*
I don't know about you but I can't seem to get the books of 2012 out of my mind! So much goodness will be coming out next year and you know what, we totally deserve to read them all because according to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world is coming on 12/21/12.  Well either that or some kind of transformation is going to happen.  Cue REM's song End of the World!  


Yes folks I am going to read as much as I can before it's all over with! So these are just some of the books that I want to read before it all ends folks!

(in order of release date)

Release date: 1/10/12

Lothaire is one of my most anticipated reads of next year!!!  His character totally overshadowed Declan and Regan's characters in Dreams Of A Dark Warrior.  I cannot wait to learn more about this sexy vampire! 

PhotobucketDarker After Midnight
Release date: 1/24/12

Oh Chase I've got to find out what happens to you because the end of Deeper of Midnight had me gasping out loud!  I also want to know if you are going to go full out crazy or if we'll see you back to normal again.  Good luck buddy!

PhotobucketThe Darkest Seduction
Release date: 2/21/12

*sexy voice* Oh Paris! I hope you get peace in this book because if anyone deserves it, it's you. Oh and can you pass along a message please.  Tell Strider and William to call me!

PhotobucketBy A Thread
Release date:  2/28/12

Gin and the gang are back!  I'm so happy that I'll get to read about my favorite character Finnegan Lane before the end.  Oh Finn I love you so.  I know you're not real, but if you were I would bake you all the strawberry pies that you would want.  There would always be a hot mug of chicory coffee waiting for you as well.  *swoony sigh*   I love him. 

PhotobucketTaking A Shot
Release date: 3/6/12

Jaci Burton has the hottest covers and I just can't stop staring at this one.  I'm looking forward to reading about Tyler Anderson and getting to know him a little better. 

If you're wondering why this cover is bigger than the others, D'UH!  Look at him!!!!

PhotobucketLover Reborn
Release date: 3/27/12

I think most of us are in agreement that Tohr's book had better be done right.  AHHHH Wellsie! *sobs*  Oh Tohr I will be there to hold your hand because I know that this is going to be a very emotional book. I learned from Nat from Wicked Lil Pixie that Tohr's book is 754pgs, 176,937 words!  Forget next year I need this book NOW!

I'm hoping by this date we will find out who's book is next.  OH BOOK GODS PLEASE LET IT BE QHUAY!  But wait, we won't be here to read it. Oh crap!  Give us Qhuay NOW! 

Sacrifical Magic
Release date: 3/27/12

TERRIBLE!!!!   I gots the Terrible Fever and only you can make it better.   I'm curious to see exactly what is going to happen in this one.  Will we get another awesome tunnel scene?  Will they get busy in the bathroom again?  How is this relationship going to work out now?  If Chess is late paying for her stuff is Terrible going to do his job or is he going to let it slide?!  So many questions folks and I now have to go back and reread those hot smexing scenes from City of Ghosts now.  Excuse me.
*sound of crickets chirping while I step away from the computer*

PhotobucketAlien Diplomacy
Release date: 4/3/12

More Martini!  Yay! The cover of Alien Diplomacy was unveiled today!  It was designed again by the talented Daniel Dos Santos.  You can check out the unveiling of the cover at the Official Fansite of Gini Koch, Alien Collective Virtual HQ here:  Link

Biting Cold
Release date:  8/12

Due to the fact that Drink Deep hasn't been released yet, I'm not going to comment as to why I want to read this next year.  But I will say this, looking forward to things being different.  Yeah, that's it.

Now these books don't have a cover yet, so I'll just list them here:

Deep Dark Secret - Sierra Dean - 3/12
I love the characters in this series!  Especially a vampire by the name of Holden.  Anxiously awaiting to read more about him!

Lethal Rider - Larissa Ione - 6/1/12
THAN!  I love Thanato's character and am looking forward to learning more about him. 

The Ripple Effect - JA Saare - Fall/12
Can't wait to read more of Paine and see what happens between Disco and Rhiannon.  Hopefully Carter will be in this as well. 

ICED:  A Dani O'Malley novel - Karen Marie Moning - 10/30/12
Iced is going to pick up where Shadowfever left off. THANK GOODNESS! I love this series so hard and can't wait to see what KMM has in store for us.  Please let us get more BARRONS in this!

Widow's Web - Jennifer Estep - September/2012
Another book with Gin and the gang!  YAY!  More Finn!

Alien in the House - Gini Koch - December 2012
This just might be the last book I read before everything goes dark. Martini I just want you to know that I love you and think you are the best.  Kitty is a very lucky woman to have found you first.  Ok I can say this because Kitty won't be able to shoot me.  Neener neener!

Now there is one book that won't be coming out in 2012 and that is the next Kate Daniels book.  *sigh*  I love this series hard and was hoping I could get my Curran fix before the lights are turned out.  DARN!

I'm pretty sure that I've forgotten some books, so tell me what you're looking forward to reading in 2012.
*please keep in mind that this post was meant to be fun.  I truly think we will still be here. Yay for Qhuay!*


  1. Best group of books and post ever!!!

  2. Hey check out -- Blog Central -- we just might have the Alien Diplomacy Cover up (Galactic Unveiling today)

    100% agree with 90% of your 2012 choices -- some of them I am ashamed to say I don't read!

  3. I want them ALL! Gimme gimme!!!!!!!!

    QHUAY - I'll fight the rapture for you

  4. Ward needs to fast track the Qhauy! I refused to be raptured until I read it!! *screams* QHUAY, I'LL WAIT FOR YOUUUUUUUUUU!!

  5. I'm with Mandi, I'll fight the rapture for Qhuay!!

    Also, I might be counting the moments until I get my next Terrible fix. Seriously.

  6. I want them all too!!! And I'm itching to get my hands on these:

    The Duke's Perfect Wife/Jennifer Ashley
    Whispers In The Dark (KGI)/Maya Banks
    About That Night/Julie James
    Once Burned/Jeaniene Frost
    A Rogue By Any Other Name/Sarah MacLean
    Hot Under Pressure/Louisa Edwards
    Dire Needs/Stephanie Tyler

  7. amyt865 mentioned a bunch but here are a couple more:

    Oracle's Moon - Thea Harrison 3/6
    Under A Vampire Moon - Lynsay Sands 4/24
    Darkness Devours - Keri Arthur 6/5
    The Departed - Shiloh Walker 1/3

  8. Oh, Bells! You're hilarious. 

    I want to read several of the ones you've listed and look forward to these as well:

    Oracle Moon - Thea Harrison 
    Now or Never - Michele Bardsley
    Make Me Shiver - Aline Hunter
    Hot Ticket - Oliva Cunning
    Wicked Nights - Gena Showalter
    Lothaire - Kresley Cole
    Echoes at Dawn - Maya Banks

  9. ROFL It's the end of the world as we knowo it and I FEEL FIIIIIIINE!

    I'm dying to read Lothaire, so here's hoping the end of the world doesn't really happen. I'm also dying to read Lover Reborn (GOTTA HAVE MY TOHR!!!!) and of course I can't wait to read The Ripple Effect!!

    Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I'm running to class, so I'll probably remember more later.

    xoxoxo to my PIC!

  10. My list looks like yours. I sure hope that's not the final cover for Lover Reborn. 2012 will be here before we know it. :)