Monday, October 10, 2011

Guest Post: Author Cari Quinn & Giveaway!

Reunited and it feels so good! And contest!

Thanks so much to Bells for having me here today!

I'm a sucker for reunion stories. There are several well-known romance tropes that I love, and that's one of them. There's just something so much fun about having a chance to rewrite history in a sense and give two people who couldn't make things work the first time another chance. My current work-in-progress is a reunion story, about former high school sweethearts who were separated after a tragedy and the heroine's impulsive move to do what she thought was best. Getting them back together means taking them down a bumpy road, that's for sure.

PhotobucketBad Kitty, my Halloween short story that just released Friday from The Wild Rose Press, is also a reunion story, but a different sort of one. Nikki and Patrick hooked up at a Halloween party last year, but neither have mentioned it since. Now it's Halloween again and both of them are eager to rectify past mistakes - and to generate some serious heat.

What about you? Do you like reunion stories? If not, what's your favorite romance trope? I'll pick a random commenter to win their choice of ANY of my ebooks (including Bad Kitty.) So comment away!
Bad Kitty blurb:
Reformed bad girl Nikki Carson has spent the past year trying to forget her boss's Halloween party and the unbelievable sex she had with her boss's hot twin, Patrick Nolan. Patrick hasn't mentioned that night since, much to Nikki's endless disappointment.

Years of following in the wake of his womanizing brother cause Patrick to wonder if Nikki even knows which twin she slept with. He can't believe she could possibly prefer him over her slick, polished boss. That doesn't mean he's been able to stop fantasizing about taking her again. Against the wall. On the floor. Everywhere.

It's Halloween again, and trick or treat takes on a whole new meaning when Nikki and Patrick go for round two. Especially since Nikki's come prepared with a Domme kitty costume meant to drive Patrick wild. And this kitty's ready to show her claws if she doesn't get what she wants...

This title contains: explicit language, anal sex, and BDSM.

Rosette (73 pages)

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A big thanks to Cari Quinn for stopping by the blog today!


  1. I do like reunion stories,its one of my favorites.
    Thanks for the giveaway.I can't wait to read this one.

  2. I like reunion stories but haven't read very many of them.


  3. I love reunion stories, because the couple find each again. It can be so romantic.

  4. I love reunion stories. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book.

  5. I love reunion stories, a second chance to find love and happiness. So romantic.
    June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  6. I like reunion stories, but often the reasons why they broke up in the first place is very flimsy. I hate that! I'm always thinking once they finally talk and get their HEA, why didn't you guys do that right away? But not dramatic enought I guess :)

    Thanks for the giveaway! I'd love to try this author!


  7. I enjoy reunion stories!!!! This book sounds HOT!!! Please enter me in the giveaway!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!! :-)

  8. I love reunion stories especially about former high school sweethearts.

    CONGRATS Cari on your release of Bad Kitty! Sounds delicious!!!

  9. Reunion stories are okay, but only if I can believe that whatever messed the couple up in the first place has been resolved. or that they have grown and changed. Otherwise, I don't tend to believe that they'll be happy together this time. One of my favorites is the marriage in trouble trope, but again, only if I can believe that they really are working on their problems, not just papering over them.

    jen at delux dot com

  10. It may sound weird, but I enjoy reading reunion stories where the couple broke apart on some misunderstanding and then years later find out the truth, if only they had 'talked' to each other :-} Thanks for the giveaway!


  11. Bad Kitty sounds like a really great read. You don't see many good twin/bad twin books out there.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  12. great giveaway
    follow via gfc

    I have never read a reunion story-

  13. I think reunion stories are great because it's like a second chance at love and reinforces that what's meant to be will come. Thanks for the giveaway!


  14. Reunion stories are alright, though I have read some good ones before, but I also sometimes don't like them, usually depending on why they broke up in the first place. My fave romance trope is definitely friends to lovers, I just love how you know that the characters really care for one another and usually there's so much tension and reading into the actions of the other person. Thanks for the giveaway!


  15. sounds like a good read