Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review: Keeping Kaitlyn by Anya Bast

PhotobucketKeeping Kaitlyn
Book 1 in the Mates of the Lycaon series
Author: Anya Bast
Genre:   Erotic/Shifters
Format: ebook
Release date:  9/23/11
Author's website: Anya Bast
Kaitlyn leads a regular life in a normal town, until one day the force of an unknown connection pulls her into an alternate reality. On the flip side of the veil Kaitlyn finds herself in the hands of two powerful dire wolf shifters, Rafian and Lucas, who tell her she is their mate.

Lucas has lost everything to the Magica Hunters who want the Lycaon shifters driven from their world. He passionately craves Kaitlyn and must employ every ounce of his formidable control once she’s near enough to touch. Her presence soothes the pain of his past.

Rafian has experienced loss too, though his comes with a dark guilt that haunts him. His brand of loving involves rope and handcuffs, acts he knows Kaitlyn may not be ready for, but he has waited years for her and it’s difficult to master his desires.

Together, he and Lucas tempt Kaitlyn’s body with every erotic move they have to make, while they stealthily seduce her heart. They make her see them for who they truly are—her perfect matches in every way.

Lucas and Rafian awaken emotion and passion in Kaitlyn that she’s never known, but the weight pulling at her from the other side of the veil is formidable. Will she be able to stay with the men she loves?
Who doesn't like to daydream to get an escape from reality? I know I do and so does Kaitlyn Gannet. But when her daydreams become real, Kaitlyn has to make the choice of the daydream or the real world. After being transported through time and space to the two men of her daydreams, she gives in and releases her inner passions. Soon the daydream world becomes all to real and Kaitlyn realizes that a choice has to be made.

The fantasy of having 2 lovers who want to cater to your every need is win/win situation. Kaitlyn thought it would be difficult to give in to her desires with two strangers, but once she realizes just how much these men want to pleasure her, The 2 males characters in this story are complete opposites and I couldn't wait to read more about them. Lucas has dark hair, tattoos, and an attitude. Total bad boy which I absolutely LOVE! Rafian is blonde, has an easy going disposition, and gives Kaitlyn the space and time that she needs to adjust to the new place. But don't let that easy going disposition fool you because Rafian loves it rough and likes to be in charge. I loved that his character was a complete 180 to what I thought he would be and that we got to see another side of him! His scenes with Kaitlyn were absolutely scorching and I loved that Anya Bast incorporated a little bondage into this storyline. It wasn't overbearing and seemed to be a natural element to the storyline. Lucas and Rafian genuinely cared for Kaitlyn due to the fact that she is their mate and could see how the choice to stay or return home could be difficult for her to make.

I really enjoyed escaping into Kaitlyn's daydream. The story was filled with many erotic moments as well as touching ones. The story also has a Paranormal element to it because Lucas and Rafian are shifters and turn into wolves. There are actually lots of other shifters in the storyline and it was interesting to read about all the different kinds. Kaitlyn is one lucky lady to have not just 1 but 2 men that care about her so deeply. I hope this story is the beginning of a new series by Anya Bast because I think a lot of lonely ladies could benefit with having their daydreams become a reality. ;)



  1. I saw this one pop on on someones Facebook last night. I haven't read this author yet, thinking I might give this one a try.

  2. Mmm Hmmm....look at you enjoying some smutty goodness. ;-) I've heard of the author but, not of this series. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the review. =)

  3. Awesome review! You know how much I *heart* Anya... I'm adding this to my MUST READ now.

    In your description of the two guys... I thought of Jill Myles' Succubus series - Zane and Noah... If only there had been a 3some! LOL