Saturday, September 17, 2011

J.R. Ward/Christine Feehan Chat

My eyes after a J.R. Ward chat

The Warden once again graced us with her almightyness (yeah that's a word!) on Friday night. She hosted a chat for Christine Feehan and then it was a free for all with questions for J.R. If you've ever been to one of these chats:
  1. You realize just how cray cray folks are.  There is no chat like a J.R. Ward chat!  Folks don't follow the rules, they get kicked out of the chat room.  Only to come back in to proclaim innocence in that they didn't know what they did wrong, only to be kicked out again.  IT'S HILARIOUS!!  lol  Tonight there was an actually person that stood up the mods and that was a first.  I mostly cry laughed through the Christine Feehan chat with Mandi and Louise.  
  2. J.R. can be a tease sometimes and I love it!  She'll give you a little bit of info and that's it.  This woman knows exactly how to keep us phening for her special brand of crack.  We all want another hit and only J.R. can give it to us!
  3. My eyes hurt right now as I'm typing this.  I get googly eye syndrome as a result of the chats. (see pic of googly eyes above)  But it's soooo worth it!  I tried to do eye exercises this year beforehand, didn't help at all.  Next year I might get bionic eyes, like Nikki Brandyberry. 
  4. This chat was different and what I mean by that is there is usually a short intermission for folks to do what they need to get done (use the potty) and then get back to ask J.R. questions.  So I used this time to yell at my kids...only to come back and realize that it was a total free for all!  I've never seen it done this way and I can only think that the mods were tired, cranky, and pissed at all the idiocracy (yes that's a word as well) that had went on earlier.  Yes, all the idiocracy that I laughed through.  The mods had enough and this is when the major Bells FAIL comes into play, because I only got 3 freaking answers from the questions.  And this is where the awesome freaking Louise from Between the Covers comes in.  Because she took some awesome notes and gave me permission to post them here.  Praise the lawd for Louise!

So here is what we learned at this chat:
  • 'Blay's been pursuing something in his down time. And Fighting. I think you all know what I'm talking about.' (Uhhh...whatchu talkin bout Willis?!) Then followed with, something about playing doctor, but not yet (Is he pursing Qhuinn, Saxton or what?!  Who is he playing doctor with cause I want to read that!  That's sexy!)
  • Will Tohr and No'One have Steamy scenes? Big yes!  (Brang it!)
  • Hopes to do Blay and Qhuinn soon. (Halleluyer!) 
  • John and Xhex aren't okay. (WHAT IN SAM'S HELL?!!!!)
  • Keep Reading about Eddie being gone forever.
  • Will Payne´s story be continued and if Manny will go through the transition in the future? Answer - Absolutely, yes. (AWESOME!)
  • Will there be any other chosen heroines other than Layla? Answer - Keep Reading
  • We learn a lot more about Lassiter in Tohr's book.
  • Assail is very interesting. Old school vamp.
  • Layla's HEA in Reborn. (WOWZERS!)
  • All of the BDB books will be released - collector's editions coming out.
  • Will Saxton stay around if he's not with Blay? - Keep Reading
  • Z haunts her and makes her wish his situation was different. (Poor Z :( )
  • We will see Phury in Tohr's book. ( comment)
  • Why are the shadows the only ones that can kill symphaths? What are their powers? Answer - we'll learn more about that later.
  • Trez and I'Am will have separate books.
  • We also learned that Tohr's book will be out on March 23, 2011 and that the novellas for Wrath & Beth's baby and Rhage & Mary's baby will be out in the summer, probably August.

And that's it folks!  I totally wanted to sing just keep reading to the tune of "Just keep swimming" from Finding Nemo while writing this post.  Someone asked if there would be another chat and Twisted the fake son said he doesn't know. (That dude is awesome)  So hopefully we'll get another chat before Tohr's book so I can get the googly eyes again.

Now what I need you to do is go to Between the Covers and show my girl Louise some love! She did such a fantastic job taking all of these great notes and is doing a post of her own. Please go show her some love by clicking on the pic below:

So tell me, what are you looking forward to reading? (yes I want Qhuay as well) Which of the items listed above is the most shocking to you? (Escandalo!) Or just leave a comment below. See you at the next chat and I hope you didn't get googly eyes from reading the post! *rests the eyes*


  1. Great notes bells! She really seems to like Assail, doesn't she? Mentioned him at the book signing.

  2. Cool!! I missed it so thank you for posting this!! :D

  3. I always miss J.R.'s chats!!! never fecking fails... so I want to say thank you to you lovely ladies for the updates ((HUGS))


    I TOTES forgot about the chat. *smacks self* Thanks SO much for posting this! I'm anxious for teh Qhuay and to know what will happen to Saxton (I have a theory). I'm also looking forward to Tohr and No'One and GLAD that she wil BRANG IT! I was SO disappointed in Payne and Manny smexin' I want Tohr and No'One to KNOCK THOSE BOOTS out the ball park! LOL

  5. I made it into the chat for all of 5 seconds before PK called to ask me if o was gonna pick him up from rehearsal... I forgot about him. Oops. Lol. Thanks for posting the notes and thank you to Louise for letting my girl Bells give us the crack - I mean info! :)

  6. JM & Xhex not ok??? wahhhhhhhhh! =(
    so maybe Assail is Layla's HEA? verily. *snort* I really don't care for her & I could do with never seeing the word 'verily' ever again =P Tohr's book can't come fast enough for me, hurry up March!

  7. DA HELL SHE MEAN JOHN AND XHEX AREN'T OK???!!!!! sigh. Thanks to you and Louise for the notes! Love the googly eyes pic; its cracking me up!!

  8. Thanks to Bells and Louise for sharing the BDB crack with all of us! Forget googly eyes, I get almost migraine level headaches from a Ward chat.

    I'm with Penny...what da hell did she mean John & Xhex aren't ok?!?!?!?

  9. Great post. On Twitter I remember you saying something about Son. I liked that novella and then the story went nowhere. Is she going to give us more on him?

  10. Lynette, someone asked about Son at book signings too. She said it was possible we would see him again, but never said we would see again. Think it was 2 book signings ago.

  11. I am most *gaaaaaah* over the Xhex and JM NOT being okay news. That was a big ole' WTH to me!

    Had a blast chatting and snarking with you and Mandi through the chat, Bells!

    Louise @ Between the Covers

  12. Thanks for the notes.. I got so lost during the chat. I have a theory on John and Xhex..... Murder comes back. I bet that throws a wrench in the honeymoon phase. Humm something to think on.