Friday, September 23, 2011

Feature: Aline Hunter books!

Out today!

PhotobucketOmega Mine
Book 1 of Alpha and Omega Shifters series
Author: Aline Hunter
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre:  Erotica/Shifters
Format:  ebook
Author's website: Aline Hunter
A bond forged in blood. Fealty given to the one he desires above all others.

Graced with the ability to shift into any form, Diskant Black is the absolute authority in the world of shifters, and as the omega of New York City his word is law. Protecting the shifter races is more than a job, it is a predisposition ingrained since birth -- nothing is more important...

Until a chance encounter with a tiny female sets fire to his blood, brings him to his knees, and turns his world upside down. Ava Brisbane is more than he bargained for in a mate -- beautiful, fragile…human. If he wants to keep her by his side, he’ll have to sacrifice a portion of his soul in order to establish a bond that can never be broken.

A telepath since birth, Ava uses her ability to ward off the things that go bump in the night. When faced with a powerful, sexy shifter who claims her as his own, she’s not sure if she’s frightened or excited by the prospect. Diskant inspires fantasies and desires she’s never experienced, tempting her to lower her defenses, but mating with a shifter comes with a cost, and the price is danger knocking at her door.

When Shepherds -- the hunters of all shifter races -- arrive in New York searching for a former member of Diskant’s pack, he and Ava up the ante as they turn up the heat. As passions ignite and truths are revealed, they’ll have to rely on each other to unite the shifter populace and face those who have come to start a war.
Available to buy at:  Ellora's Cave

I've read this book and let me tell you...IT IS HOT!!!!  
In case you didn't know, Aline Hunter is JA Saare! 

And in case you missed this release last week:
Darkest Hunger
Book 2 in the Desires of the Otherworld
Author: Aline Hunter
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Erotica/Paranormal
Format: ebook
Temptation is always made worse when you long for the forbidden...

Vampire King Bridon Walkyr has waited centuries for the return of his Chosen. Yet instead of the docile and fragile human he anticipates, his beloved has been reborn of the very race that wishes to destroy his kind. Unwilling to lose her a second time, he travels to the mortal realm under a guise to intercept his mate and challenge fate.

Lycae Princess Willow Miloradovic lives under the strain of a preordained destiny she has yet to commit. From the time she could conceive of right and wrong, she has been told she will bring about the downfall of her pack. For her Fated is not only her enemy, he is the very ruler of the blood drinkers they detest. Intentionally guided into the trap Bridon has placed, she has special instructions from her alpha -- kill the vampire king and sever their connection.

When Bridon and Willow clash, sparks will fly, passions will ignite, and enemies will become lovers. Unfortunately, with a killing moon on the rise, their union can signify only one thing -- death.
Available to buy at: Loose Id


  1. I saw Omega Mine pop up on another bloggers page this week. I recognized the name. After meeting her at AAD I've been wanting to read something by her & I decided this will be it. Looking forward to all that hotness!

  2. I love Aline Hunter books. Thanks for the reminder about Omega Mine (even though this means I've fallen off my self imposed book buying ban).