Saturday, July 9, 2011

Review: What She Needs by Lacey Alexander

PhotobucketWhat She Needs
Author: Lacey Alexander
Publisher:  Penguin
Genre: Erotic Romance
ISBN: 9780451228017
Available to buy at:  Amazon
Mild-mannered Jenna Banks never considered sex a recreational sport-until she wins a two-week stay at the notorious Hotel Erotique, where every sexual fantasy comes true-in room after room, with stranger after stranger. Even more unnerving for Jenna is Brent Powers, her wildly sensual personal guide who can't wait to put his degree in sexual psychology to work. But with the steady seduction of Jenna come feelings that neither expected. Where will the ultimate fantasy take them?
When the husband of Jenna Banks's friend enters her name into a contest to win a 2 week vacation at a hotel that caters to sexual fantasies, she is first appalled because he would do that, and then she feels as if this is something that she couldn't do.  She's never been an openly sexual person and decides to go on the vacation just to enjoy the other perks of the hotel such as the spa, beaches, etc.  Once she gets there and explains to her personal guide Brent that she's only there to relax, he let's her know that she's missing out on something good.  Because he is a co-owner of the hotel, he decides to break one of his own rules and agrees to become Jenna's partner that she will be engaging in the sexual fantasies with.  Brent is going to give Jenna a week she will never forget and along the way will not only help Jenna discover what she truly desires, but will learn something about himself that he has hidden deep down inside.

What I enjoyed about this book is that I think that anyone could understand how Jenna would feel if they were in the same situation that she was in.  I mean come on, who goes to a sex hotel right?  But Brent knew exactly what would help Jenna come out of her shell and enjoy herself...and did she enjoy.  WOW!  This book was HOT and I was totally blown away by it.  Now I've read some erotica books before, but none of them have ever compared to this book.  The fantasy scenes were so sensual and I felt as if I was a fly on the wall while reading them.  The fantasies included some role play and dressing up which I absolutely loved! At one point Brent was dressed up as a pirate...yeah, what a great scene.  This review doesn't even come close to telling you how great this book was.  You would have to read it and experience it all for yourself in order to understand what I'm talking about.
I'm giving What She Needs a rating of:


Yup 5 Bells.  I felt that this book was not only scorching hot, but very well written.  It's so good that I've recommended it to a couple of friends and they enjoyed it as well.  In fact, What She Needs is going to be my Share the Love giveaway for this month!  So look for that giveaway on the 13th.  I want to share this awesome book with someone else so I hope you'll want to read it as well and enter. 

A big thanks to Danielle for recommending this one to me.  Thank goodness I listened to her and read it.  ;)


  1. Wow, you really liked this one. I'm going to have to take a look :). Thanks.

  2. The review on my blog today for her latest book didn't do it for me. But maybe this book......

  3. Interesting... sounds like something I should maybe read... ;)