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Monday Smutty Goodness: Book Boyfriend Edition

Welcome back to another week of
Monday Smutty Goodness!
Now I haven't done this feature on the blog for a while. I've been through must of my Book Boyfriends already *snickers*, but I have a few new ones, so now it's time to put them in the spotlight.  This weeks BB is part of a new and exciting series by an author that I got the chance to meet last month.  She was a total sweetheart and I can see myself buying everything that she releases in the future.

Book Boyfriend of the Week:
Knox Devereaux

"Tell me you're mine."
...Pretending she hadn't heard him, she reached up and tried to pull him down for a kiss.
He shook her off, then withdrew from her body completely, making her muscles clench with the effort to hold him inside.
Felicia whimpered.  "No!"
Knox slowly pushed his way back into her, cleaving past the muscles that had just tightened to hold him in.  She spread her legs wider, then closed them, hugging his hips with her thighs even as he remained motionless.  She wrapped her arms around him tightly to prevent him from pulling away from her again.
"I want you to say it, Felicia."
Felicia shook her head.  He trust into her several times and reached down, playing with her clitoris.  She let out a low scream.  "Knox, please."
He repeated his game of retreat and penetration, moving and rearranging her limbs as it suited him.
She was close.  So close.
Each oscillating thrust of his hips ended with a plea from her lips.
Please.  Please.  Please.
But he was ruthless.
"Not until you tell me."
She tried looking away.  He cradled her face in his hands and turned it back to his.  "Give it to me, Felicia.  Give me everything."  Bending down, he kissed the medallion that even now rested against her skin.  "Tell me you're mine."
His hips were thrusting again.  Still.  A steady, strong rhythm that was making her catapult toward pleasure faster than she could breathe while still holding it just out of reach.
His own face contorted, and she could tell he was close to losing control.
"Please, Felicia.  Tell me!  Please."
Felicia bit her lip at the small tremors that started to run through her.  Through him.
She was done in by the force of his response.  She couldn't hold back and longer.  They both knew she was his anyway.  Had been almost from the beginning.
She reached up and caressed his face. She nodded, "I'm yours.  I'm yours, I'm yours."  She said it again.  And again.  Until she was screaming out her orgasm.
Knox's hips worked faster and faster, slamming against Felicia violently until h pushed down in one final thrust, grinding himself into her as if to sustain the pleasure for a lifetime.  For an eternity of eternities.

Knox really made her work for it didn't he?!  Whew!  *fans face*  If you haven't read this book yet you must.  Here is my review of Chosen By Blood so you can see how much I enjoyed it:  Review

Would you like to get to know Knox a little better? 

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