Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Releases: Week of June 20, 2011


June 22, 2011




I love Liam Neeson action movies!
He always kicks a**!

My boys have been waiting to see this one.
The 1st one was really funny, so I hope 
this one is as well.

Hmm...Channing as a Roman.
Now I'm not expecting Oscar worthy acting in
this movie, but, he might be shirtless and that
will make up for the sucky acting. 

I missed this when it was on tv.
Hopefully I can catch a repeat of it
or wait for my library to get it.  I don't
want to buy it.  *snort*

The Princesses of Pop from the 80's
Debbie Gibson and Tiffany battle
a giant gator and python apparently.  

Isn't that just cute...wait!  Is that my enemy 
Ming Ming?!!  Gosh Nickelodeon, get 
with the program and stop putting her on the
covers of your DVD's!  I can hear her voice 
now...."this is bery swerious"  
 And what's with the studded dildo in the background?
Oh wait, that's just Muno.  Oopsie!


  1. Thea Devine has a book out? I didn't know she was still writing. Her books are Hot with a capital H!!

  2. a) I REALLY REALLY want the new Megan Hart. But that's a big DUH. I want every new Megan Hart.
    b) ROFLMAO I think I just choked on my coffee. Studded dildo!! OMG, I LOVE YOU PIC!