Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review: Pleasure Me by Monica Burns

Pleasure Me

Author: Monica Burns

Publisher: Penguin Group

Genre: Historical Romance

ISBN: 9780425238790

Release date: March 1, 2011

Author's website:

Received book from publisher for review.

Youth and beauty are a courtesan's greatest assets. Concerned, at forty-one, that she is no longer desirable, Lady Ruth Attwood is uncertain whether to be offended or flattered when a younger man makes her an unusual offer. In need of funds, she agrees. But then she does the unthinkable-she falls in love...

When I first saw this title being talked about on Twitter, I just had to find out more about it.  The title alone  caught my attention, but it was when the author Monica Burns tweeted these words "the hero is a virgin" that I knew I had to read it.  Lady Ruth is a courtesan and her latest client has left her for a younger woman.  Ruth is 41 years old and in that time period she is considered to be older and less desirable.  She comes to the conclusion that she may not receive any additional offers and decides to put all of her time, money, and heart into the orphanage that she has founded.  After she is ridiculed at a ball, a handsome man comes to her defense and Ruth just can't seem to shake her attraction to him.  He is Baron Garrick Stratfield and he likes Ruth and let's her know so.  Ruth of course is scared because she has not only has she sworn off men, but Garrick is younger than she is.  He doesn't seem to have an issue with it and let's her know that he's attracted to her regardless of her age.  As they spend more time together, they realize that their past issues are still weighing heavily on their minds and these issues began to effect their relationship with one another.  They both find the strength to get over these issues in order for their lives to move forward together.

Let's talk about Garrick shall we.  I loved his character right from the start.  From the time he steps in to help her at the ball, until the very end.  He is a very caring and thoughtful man and always puts the interests of others before his own.  When the reader finds out that Garrick has a physical impairment and it's the reason that he is still a virgin, you can't help but feel for him.  Ruth decides to become his teacher and this leads to many hot love scenes.  By the end of the book Garrick is no longer a student and there is so much passion in their lovemaking that I thought that book book would catch on fire!   The things he said and did to Ruth made me clutch the book as I was reading it.  You're a fast learner there Garrick!

I'm giving Pleasure Me 4 Bells!


I thought Pleasure Me was wonderfully written and was so addicting that I couldn't put the book down.  I'm not a huge fan of Historical Romance, but this book has made me want to read more in this genre.  Monica Burns now has a new fan and I'm looking forward to reading more of her work.  If all of her books are like this one, I'm going to be one happy reader!



  1. Oh that is right...Garrick transforms from student to teacher verra nicely..(The dirty talk scene at the end..? zomg) Love this book!

  2. I so can't wait to read this now that you and Mandi both loved it! If you need some historical romance authors, let me know. :)

  3. Oh another positive review on this one. Must read!!