Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Smutty Goodness: Fav Series Edition!

I'm back with another great scene from one of my favorite series, The Black Dagger Brotherhood!  This scene is from one of the most liked brothers, Zsadist! 

Zsadist aka Z
Book 3
Black Dagger Brotherhood


And then he dropped his head and held on for dear life, getting lost in the sensation of her tight, slick sex.  His body took over, his hips moving like pistons, the punishing, grinding rhythm creating a mighty pressure in his balls and a burning in his lover belly.

Oh god ... A release was coming for him.  Just as it had in the bathroom when she'd held on as he pumped.  Only hotter.  Wilder.  Out of control.

"Oh, Jesus!" he hollered.

Their bodies were slapping together and he was mostly blind and he was sweating all over her and the bonding scent was a screaming roar in his nose ... And then she called his name and seized up under him.  Her core grabbed onto him in spasms that milked him until -- Oh, shit, God, no --

On reflex he tried to pull out, but the orgasm tackled him from behind, shooting up his spine and nailing him in the back of the head just as he felt the release bullet out of his body into hers.  And the damn thing didn't stop.  He came in great waves, pouring into her, filling her up.  There was nothing he could do to stop the eruptions even through he knew what he was spilling into her.

When the last shudder left him, he lifted his head.  Bella's eyes were closed, her breathing even, the deep grooves in her face gone.

Her hands ran up his ribs and onto his shoulders, and she turned her face into his bicep with a sigh.  The quiet in the room, in her body, was jarring.  So ws the fact that he'd ejaculated only because she'd made him feel...good.

Good?  No, that didn't go far enough.  She'd made him feel...alive.  Awakened.


"What was it like?" Phury coughed a little.  "I mean, I want to know not because it was Bella.  It's just...I've heard a lot of rumors and I don't know what to believe."

As he turned and headed out of the room, he murmured, "She is more beautiful that I have words for."  He lifted his eyes to Phury's.  "And last night I was blessed beyond measure to serve her."

Oh Z!  *wipes tear from eye*  So this scene may not have been as smutty as some of the other scenes, but it truly touched every reader that loves this series.  Z is so special and I have to just say once again how much I love this series.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll be saying this again next week.  ;)  BDB4EVA!



  1. I'm a bit behind on the series, but decided to try to catch up since a new one is coming out. I just read Lover Avenged. OMG, Rev was to die for. I had no idea he could be so tender. I have Lover Mine sitting on my bedside table, but I think I'm going to wait a few weeks to tackle it.

  2. WOW - Thanks for the early morning wake up ;).

  3. Z's book was my very very favorite until we got John Matthew's, and then it became a tie between the two. SO GOOD!