Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Upcoming movies that I want to see!

Happy Tuesday folks! Since I am a total dork, I made the mistake of posting my new release list early. So if you are used to seeing that here on Tuesday and missed the post, just click on this link to be taken to it.

I figured since I'm a huge movie fan it would make sense for me to start talking about this subject on my blog. LOL! After watching all of movie trailers the other night during the Super Bowl, I thought it would be great to talk about the ones I want to see here on my blog! Here they are in order of release date.

I am Number Four
Releases: 2/18/11
Ok so this trailer wasn't shown that night, but my
Cougar Crush Alex Pettyfer is in it and it doesn't
hurt to look at him again.

Release date: 3/4/11
Okay, okay. My Cougar Crush is in
this one too. I have no shame I tell you!

Battle: Los Angeles
Release date: 3/11/11
Holy moly this movie looks great! I love movies
featuring disasters and it has the very handsome
Aaron Eckhart in it!

Super 8
Release date: 4/10/11
Directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Speilberg.
Features aliens of some kind and looks awesome as well!

Release date: 5/6/11
Chris Hemsworth gets to flash his mighty
guns throughout this film. I think I'm going to have
to see this on fo sho!

Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon
Release date: 7/1/111
I'm a huge Transformers fan and loved the
first two. I love all the action and the robots are
my fave. Especially Optimus Prime. He's
so awesome!

Captain America: The First Avenger
Release date: 7/22/11
Oh my goodness! I love me some
Chris Evans and will be oohing and aahing
while watching this one. Must remember
to not say "He is sooooooo fine!" outloud
while I watch this with the family!

Cowboys & Aliens
Release date: 7/29/11
Another movie with a hottie in it! Daniel Craig. I
like the premise of Cowboys and Aliens. Harrison Ford
looks awesome in it as well!

Don't those movies look awesome?!!
So what movies are you looking forward to seeing this year?



  1. I am looking forward to seeing "Beastly" and "I am Number Four"- I LOVED these books and can't wait to see how the movies compare.



  2. MsM - I totally forgot to add Beastly! I'm going add that now. Thanks! :)

  3. LOL I want to see all of those. I Am Number 4 looks REALLY good.

  4. Girl, Captain America is hot and all, and I'm gonna oggle him for sure... But THOR IS THE HOTTEST SUPER HERO OF ALL TIME!!! OF all time!!!


  5. OOOh great post! I'm a movie junkie and all of those look good!

  6. all those are awesome and i can't wait!!!

  7. I really hope this new Transformers movie is better than the 2nd one. I was disappointed in the writing in that one, but the action never ceases to amaze me. I love Optimus too, even have a little statue of him on my desk! He takes me back to my childhood!! I think Bumblebee is my fav tho. And for some reason, I love this Shia guy...lol