Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Smutty Goodness: Book Boyfriend Edition

Welcome back to another edition of Monday Smutty Goodness! Now I haven't done this post in a couple of weeks because I ran out of Book Boyfriends, but I have a new one and he is oh so hot!
Let me warn you, this is a NSFW post! There are many hot pics!

Book Boyfriend of the week:
Mick Riley


First of all let me just say that I will NEVER get tired of looking at this cover! I mean LOOK AT IT! It's pure perfection! The person that decided this should be the cover should get a freaking award or something. Nobel Peace Prize or something cause when I look at it, I feel at peace (among other things). That person as well as Jaci Burton has done a great service to those that love this cover!

Now this fine specimen above is Jed Hill. I thought it would be nice to include some luscious pics of him in football gear to go along with this post. So you can get a nice visual of Mick in your head. ;)   So this post is kind of a smutty/hottie post.




I should probably get to the scene huh? Here ya go:

Tara gripped the comforter with both hands, her entire body taut with tension and need as he dragged her jeans and panties down her legs. He spread her legs and crawled between them, draping them over his shoulders and planting his mouth over her sex.

"Did you touch yourself this week?" he asked, looking up at her.


"Why not?"

"Too busy."

"You should never be too busy to come, Tara."

"I need to come now." She reached down and slid her fingers into the softness of his hair.

"I like that you haven't come since you were with me." He kissed her thigh, then he put his mouth on her.

"Ohhhh" was all she could manage as he licked the length of her sex, his tongue and lips finding her clit. She was so read for an orgasm she arched against him, learning forward to touch him, to watch as he licked her, sucked her, slid his tongue inside her, and did every possible thing he could to take her right over the edge. He swirled his tongue over the most sensitive spot, relentless in taking her right there only to ease off until she was panting and begging to come.

And when she tugged at his hair, he fit his mouth around her and rolled his tongue flat and gave her just what she needed.


"You're wet. Do you know how wet and tight and hot you are?"

She didn't think his question required a response. She was too busy gasping as he moved inside her, so she couldn't have answered him. Her only reply was moving back, giving him more access to her.

Mick grabbed her hips to draw her against him. He leaned over to cup her breasts, pounding inside her with hard thrusts now. Tara fisted the comforter and braced herself again the edge of the bed as he pushed deep, then retreated, each time faster than before, each time taking her higher, his shaft seeming to swell inside her, brushing all her sensitive tissues.

She wanted to come with him inside her. She moved her hand between her legs and rubbed her clit, so filled with him that just touching herself made her climax draw closer.

Mick slowed down and took it easy then, wrapping one arm around her waist and rocking against her in an easy rhythm, seeming to know what she needed. She felt the pulses, felt her pussy grip him in a tight vise as she rolled over the edge with him.

And here is the original pic of the cover:


to the Jed lovahs!


I hope you enjoyed the post.  Mick is also the Book Boyfriend for the month of March over on The Order of Smut Vixens .  Mistress Spice and myself will be giving away a copy of The Perfect Play!  Make sure you check the post on the blog tomorrow.  I will also have a link to the giveaway here on my blog under Current Giveaways at the top of the blog on the right sidebar.



  1. THEM THIGHS!!! THEM THIGHS THEM THIGHS!!!! *licks screen* Thank you Bells - I can go to bed in blessed peace!

  2. I have to agree with the thanks to his Momma and Poppa! They did give us a fine looking man. Love me some Jed Hill so much! I even have my postcard in a frame on a bookshelf so it doesn't get any drool on it. ;)

  3. He makes you want to take the Lord's name in vain.

  4. Holy shit Bells I can't stop staring at his crotch in the first picture. STOP JENNY! Maybe just once more...

    Okay, now that I'm all hot and bothered I'm going to go try and do some work. Thanks Bells;)