Thursday, January 12, 2012

Guest Post: Jodie Becker & Sidney Bristol

An Aussie and a Texan walk into a bar...

And this Texan wants to know which screen will be playing either hockey or rugby, and if it's not already on, why not? And where are my buttery nipple shots? It might surprise people who don't know me, but I'm not a beer drinker. 99.9% of the time I'll be drinking either sweet tea or a Dr Pepper. I don't drink a lot usually, but there's something about a nice buzz and violent sports. What do you think, Jodie?  What would you be looking for? And what's your drink of choice?

I’m the designated driver, so drink away! I actually only got drunk once and discovered I was a Cadbury drinker. I can see you’re blank expression. It means I’m a lightweight. Here in Aus, Cadbury Chocolates came up with the phrase: “Glass and a half of full cream milk” as a slogan to how creamy their chocolates were. So we use that as reference to people who are cheap drunks, like me! Oh look, Rugby League. *shuffles Sid over* FYI, we’re watching MY team, the North Queensland Cowboys. And this is JT, their captain:

*drool* I am a big League fan. Thank God for the men who like to wear tight shirts and short shorts. I LIVE for the moment a guy tackles one and gets dacked (pantsed). What do you like about hockey? Is there possibility for a drool fest? Oh purrdy. That’s a nice tattoo…

You know what? I've never been drunk in my life. I thought I was once, but it was food poisoning. That's another story! I'm happy to watch rugby of any kind, honestly. I have an elementary understanding of the rules, but I'm really excited about watching it. I love the Gods of Football almost nekkid layouts that are done of the rugby boys. Lots of biteable abs. *ehem* So, hocky! While there's way too many pieces of clothing and gear for the hockey players to strip down enough to catch a glimpse of something interesting, there are some hot guys on the ice. Predictably, being the ex-roller derby girl that I am, I like the physicality of the sport. I like the team work. How hard the game is to play, and the fights. Let's face it, the fights are awesome. As a result, hockey players are often a bit rough around the edges as far as their appearance, but that's my kind of guy. I especially dig tattooed players, big surprise, huh? So what are you drinking, Jodie? And are you sure I can't get you to do at least one buttery nipple? Come on, how can you refuse a drink with a name like that!

What in the world is a buttery nipple? I’m not up with the drinking names, but I do love a virgin cocktail. My fave is the pina colada, but it’s hard to get one of those nice ones. Most don’t have the coconut cream to pull it off. *sad face* Oh wells. *Sips on pepsi* So roller derby?  How does anyone get into that? I saw some advertised down at my local PCYC (you know those police club places). I would be too scared of hurting myself since I am totally accident prone. I must admit I do miss those roller skates.  I always wanted to be able to skate backward and spin around and all that. I’m not that talented. I just go forward and kinda stop. If there is a wall to help with that.  I sadly will just drink my pespi and watch those women over there ride that mechanical bull.

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