Monday, December 6, 2010

New Releases: Week of 12/06/10

What an exciting week for releases! Awesome books on aliens (MARTINI!), good music, and great movies for the entire family!


It's finally here! More Martini! If you haven't read this
series yet, pick up book 1, Touched By An Alien, when
you go to get this one. You will not be disappointed!

Gini also has another book releasing today under
her pen name Anita Ensal! Her story is "Wanted"
and is part of this anthology! Go Gini!

An ebook anthology from some of our favorite authors.
Jaci Burton, Megan Hart, Lauren Dane, Shannon Stacey

Another ebook anthology featuring lots of great authors!

Double the hot abs! Hubba hubba!



Vampire Academy, Book 6

4 the kiddies



I can't wait to see this movie!

The last Shrek movie! So long Donkey!

You know the drill, tell me what you are getting!



  1. I love your new release posts. Except they torture me with what I don't have the money to buy. Except this week, I have to cave. I'm gonna get Alien Tango (along with the first one, haven't yet read this series), Naughty and Nice, Last Sacrifice and Inception! Oh, and maybe TI's new CD. It's a GOOD week!! And as a side note, I know you usually don't do games...but World of Warcraft: Cataclysm comes out tomorrow as well. Didn't know if you wanted to add that to the list :) Thanks for posting these!

  2. Bams - Hi. I'm glad you enjoy the posts. I'm thinking about adding the games to my list. I added the Michael Jackson one a few weeks ago. Thanks for the suggestion. :D

  3. Ugh!! My wallet is screaming from the strangle hold I have on it. Must. Not. Buy. Books. LOL! I will be buying Duffy's new album. I love her voice and her last album was really good!

  4. Marq - I feel the same way! We have to be careful and start saving cause next year is going to be awesome for books!

  5. Inheriting his Secret Christmas Baby? Seriously? LOL
    Thanks for the list hon.

  6. OOO lots of good ones this week :) Some juicy covers!Have you read Maya Banks? I havent yet but im hearing lots of buzz about how good her work is....