Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Smutty Goodness: Book Boyfriend Edition

*in sing song voice* I have a new book boyfriend, and he's a cowboy! Yup you heard right. Bells likes the cowboys now. Let me introduce you to my new book boyfriend. (He's hot!)

Book Boyfriend of the week:
Luke Reilly

I gotta give you a description of Luke before you read his scene.
Luke Reilly:
6' 5"
250 pounds
Blonde hair, blue eyes
"Now, this man was a prime example of a corn fed country boy."

Luke started a slow climb up her body. He kissed her hip and up her side, to the soft swell of her breast. He dipped his tongue into the hollow of her neck and licked up to the corner of her mouth.

She turned her head, opening her mouth, reaching for his tongue. His thigh was rubbing against her, spreading her silky fluid.

He knelt between her legs, forcing her thighs open further. His hands were on her hips and he slid down enough to nestle his manhood against her pussy. He pushed her legs up, lifting her feet off the mattress. His hands roamed her torso, kneading her breasts before sliding up her arms. He held her wrists on either side of her head and there was nothing playful about the way he was looking at her now. His jaw was set in stone while he breathed hard though his nose.

He pulled his hips back like a slingshot and drove into her. She cried out and instinctively struggled to free her hands, to stab her nails into his shoulders as an outlet. Her legs buckled, feet digging into the mattress. How could he make every bit of the pain so good?

He groaned and bit down on her breast. "You're so tight. Legs up, I want you to take more."

What the hell? "More?" she asked. "I can't take any more."

"Come on, baby. You can do it."

Normally, she didn't take orders from anyone but she complied, pulling her knees up. He fed her another impossible inch and still wasn't close enough to be in all the way. She moaned, and squeezed her yes shut.

He pinned her hips to the mattress and began pumping into her, with short, fast strokes.

He was going as deep as she could stand but not as deep as he could go. He crushed his mouth on hers and pushed his tongue between her lips.

If she weren't so wet, the friction his enormous cock created would certainly catch her on fire.
"Oh, God. Yes," she cried, as he went deeper.

He slowed down and pushed and pushed until she finally felt his balls against her ass.

"Damn. You've got the tightest pussy, I want to fuck you hard, but I can't. I'm afraid I'll break you."


Her head dropped back as the first convulsion paralyzed her followed by the second blinding bolt. The intensity of the climax shut her down. Everything stopped. No sound, no breath. Her body seized.

He groaned as she squeezed him, holding him inside her. He waited, seated deeply, while she finished and started breathing again.

"Are you still conscious? he asked, teasingly.


"Turn around." He positioned her on her knees and guided her hands to the headboard.

"Hold on, sweetheart. I'm going to show you what it's like to mount up and ride."

*panting* That is only a fraction of the 1st smex scene! I instantly put Luke on the Book Boyfriend list after reading his book! Trust me ladies, you're going to want to read the rest. Luke is unforgettable!

It's now time for the:
Luke Lovah's Shoutout!






And to the awesome Melissa Ecker for writing an awesome Novella!

I hope you enjoyed Luke's scene today! *fans face*



  1. All I can say is Damn!!! that is one Hot Sexy Cowboy!!! I love it!!
    I love this series my only complaint is that they ended too soon!!
    *i'll just shoutout to myself*

  2. Hmmmm.....Luke sounds mighty smexy. *wandering over to check out this novella* Might have to saddle up myself. ;)

  3. Oh wow. just wow. I must own this novella, like yesterday. I've never been a fan of cowboys, but I think I might be now.

  4. Hey Bells, You picked the perfect BB! He is a huge hunk of a man, and I just love that. He was so gentle with her too, such a great combination. Melissa's Memory Grove Series is a Hot & Sweet Trilogy, I can't wait til she adds more to the collection and it becomes a series and not a trilogy (Hint Hint Melissa)

  5. ACCKKKKK! HELLS BELLS and YEEEHAAAA!!! You done dooed it again gurl! 1-CLICK!

    *in sing song voice* MERRY CHRISTMAS!! (to me)

  6. Sweet heaven Bells, you should have warned me about this one! *fans self* I need to read me some cowboys because wow. Just wow. I would be drooling if my mouth weren't so dry.

  7. I lurve Luke and Melly Ecker that is all!! ((Fanning face))

  8. Bells, you are introducing me to yet another sexy book boyfriend! Must get this book.

  9. Thank you, Bells, for choosing Luke as your Book Boyfriend! I'm so flattered. And thanks for all the cool comments, guys! I'm in awe that y'all are actually talking about MY character from MY book! Amazing! I really appreciate the support! Mwah!