Friday, November 12, 2010

Review: Little Plaid Skirt Saga by Elise Hepner

Title: Little Plaid Skirt Saga

Author: Elise Hepner

Publisher: Excessica Publishing

Genre: Erotica, Novelettes

ISBN: 9781609823986

Author's website:

Can be purchased at: Excessica, Amazon, B&N

Naomi gets her high from crowd surfing in her little plaid skirt. She’s got voyeuristic tendencies and with a mosh pit full of people there are infinite sexual possibilities. She’s only got to look to the person next to her for a slamming good time in the sack and out of it.

Alissa is a cougar with a sex addiction and a penchant for stealing her daughter’s clothes. When she comes across a freebie catalogue full of her favorite kind of dress up, she just can’t help herself. Out comes the credit cards and in she goes to the nearest single’s bar. It’s time to see what today’s catch of the day is.

In this anthology all it takes is a little scrap of fabric to rule the world. When playing dress-up who doesn’t want to take over the world?

Elise Hepner is one of my Twitter buddies and when she announced that she had a new book out, I wanted to read some of her work. Little Plaid Skirt is a collection of 2 Erotic Novelettes and I have to say that they are hot!

The first story is about a woman named Naomi that like to be free and have fun at concerts. As I was reading this story I could see and hear everything as if I was there. Oh Naomi, how I wish I could be you for one night!

The second story is about a woman named Alissa that is a cougar that loves to wear her teenage daughter's clothing. She has a special skirt to wear to wear one night as she is out on the prowl for the next toy boy.

Short and hot are what these two stories were. I'm giving Little Plaid Skirt *3 1/2* Bells!


I enjoyed Elise's writing and will have to check out her other stories. I'm still new to reading novellas and novelettes, but there is something refreshing in enjoying a hot, quickie. I guess I do have something in common with the 2 ladies in this book. ;)


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  1. Wow, that's quite a cover. A shame really that my rear doesn't look like that:( This stories definitely do sound hot, thanks for the review Bells!