Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Smutty Goodness: Book Boyfriend Edition

So it's Monday again *groans* and it's even harder to wake up this time of the year because it's just so dark in the morning. I hope this week's smutty scene adds a little light to your morning.

This week's Book Boyfriend is a new one. I read this book a few weeks ago and was told by my buddy Jenny that Owen might make the list. She was right! I can't wait to read more about him in the future!

Book Boyfriend of the Week:
Owen Grayson


Scene setup: Battered and bloody, Gin goes to Owen's house to return something that she borrowed. Owen helps her clean up. ;)

I washed him the same way he washed me. Slowly, carefully, gently, showing him the same respect that he'd shown me. The same care and tenderness. When I finished, he stepped in a spray of water, watching the soap bubbles foam up and swirl down the drain.

"Now that we're both clean," I said in a sly tone. "Why don't we do something dirty?"

Another smile tugged at Owen's lips, softening the slashing scar on his chin. " I thought you'd never ask."

We moved toward each other and met in the middle of the shower. I threaded my hands in his slick hair and pulled his mouth down to mine. Our lips met in a kiss that was as gentle as the water cascading over our bodes---and that quickly turned into one of white hot passion, desire, and need.

Owen growled low in his throat and backed me up against the shower wall. His hands were everywhere. My neck, breasts, stomach, hips, back. Kneading, caressing, teasing. Just like mine were all over him. Neck, chest, stomach, ass. Kneading, caressing, teasing. we couldn't get enough of each other, couldn't explore each other's bodies quickly enough to statisfy this hunger, this need that flared between us.

The slow burn between my thighs turned into a steady, building throb. Our movements became even quicker, more frantic. Our hands and caresses harder, longer, more intense. Owen's tongue drove into my mouth, only to retreat when I was breathless. I happily returned the favor. He buried his head against my shoulder, nibbling at the delicate skin of my throat. I nipped his earlobe with my teeth. Owen's hot lips slid lower, closing over first one nipple, then the other as he sucked and scaped tehm with his teasing teeth. I moaned at the hot sensations pumping through my body and hiked my leg up , drawing him closer and settling his cock against me.

I slid my hand down between Owen's legs, stroking the hard the length of him, lightly circling my nails over his rigid tip. He rocked his hips against me, ratcheting my desire up that much more.

"There you go again, " I rasped, "Being a tease."

Owen laughed. "Why should I stop when teasing you is so much fun?"

One of his hands caressed my breast. The other dipped lower, his wet fingers trailing down my stomach and then into the very center of me, going in and out in a quick, elegant dance.

"Enough teasing," I muttered. "Get over here."

I grabbed the condom out of the wall recess, ripped it open with my teeth, and pushed Owen down onto his back on the shower floor. Once he put the condom where it belonged, I climbed on top of him, ready to get on with things. But Owen pulled me down and rolled me over so that i was on the bottom.

I arched an eyebrow. "I prefer to be on top, remember?"

"Next time," he whispered, parting my thighs and sliding deep into me.

I groaned at the sensation of him filling me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and Owen started that steady, age-old rhythm.

We bucked and thrashed against each other, each one trying to bring as much pleasure, as much feeling, as possible to the other. Our rhythm built and built until we reached the ultimate peak, our hoarse cries drowned out by the steady hiss of the hot water around us.

So fresh and so clean, clean! Gotta love a good shower scene. See you next week smut lovahs!



  1. RAWR! there's really nothing like some good shower sex. thanks for the early morning hotness, bells

  2. Look at you rhyming late at night Bells:) Owen *sigh* how I loved him in this book. So much better than Donovan, I can't wait to read more of him in Tangled Threads! Yum:)

  3. Oh my my my .... There is just something about a shower scene! ;)

    Thanks Xells

  4. when I started this book I was so anti-Owen because I THOUGHT I was pro-Donovan.

    Now I'm totally team Owen ;)

  5. WOW that must be a extremely big shower! LOL. That was good...I need to read this book.

  6. I loved that scene. LOVED. IT. WHEW!!!! Team Owen all the way. He treats Gin w/resepct and I likes that. Can't wait for Tangled Threads.

  7. I HATECHOO!!! GOD! Why do I even follow you? ::::Stomping over to You make me so sick! I have OTHER THINGS TO DO BELINDA!!! :::::navigating to Elemental Assassin Series::::: I mean seriously there are better things I can do other than reading your recs:::::::: Clicking the appropriate buttons::::::Spider's Bite/Web of Lies/Venom now reside on Precious.

    Amazon One-Click is the Devil and Bells is the Devil's Master.

    I love you!

  8. Jaymzangel - I'm glad you enjoyed! :D

    Jenny - You were so right about Owen!

    Donyale - You're welcome. :)

    Mandi - I'm team Owen too...but, I think there is more to him. :(

    Tori - I can't wait to read it too!

    Princess - HEHEHEHEHE! I love it when you tell me "IHATECHOO" Don't worry you are going to love this series! :D

  9. I am soooooooooooooooo glad that she gave Owen a chance. So so glad!