Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Smutty Goodness: Book Boyfriend Edition

*YELLS* Wake up sleepyheads! I know that you are still in bed resting on this holiday. So wake yourself up and read this smut! Your hubby or boyfriend will greatly appreciate it! ;)

Book Boyfriend of the week:
Gabriel, Lord of the Wild Hunt


He slipped his hand to the nape of her neck and very gently fisted his hand in her hair. It didn't hurt, but it did effectively keep her from moving. Then he wove his other arm around her waist, placing his opposite hand possessively on the small of her back.
The empty glass she held slipped from her fingers and thudded onto the carpeted floor.
"Do you remember what you told me you wanted me to do yesterday?" he asked silkily as his mouth descended slowly toward hers. He nipped her lower lip while holding her head in place. Her nipples tightened and her breath caught in her throat. "Remember what you asked me?"
"Yes," she breathed. "I remember all of it."
"You asked me to fuck you. Do you still want that?" His warm breath eased over her lips.
She nodded. "Right now, more than anything." Her voice had a tremor to it. Her body felt tight with need and she knew he would unravel that tightness inch by inch until there was nothing left of her but all-consuming lust and, eventually, only sated relaxation.
His hand covered hers and gently pulled it away. "All in good time. "It's my turn first." Then he pushed her back down onto the couch. Off came her pants and he knelt between her spread legs, his gaze touching her bared sex as surely as his hand had done only a moment before.
"Beautiful." he murmured. Then he dipped his head and tasted her.
Her back arched as his hot mouth closed over her, tongue dragging over her folds. Eyes closed, he made a sound of ecstasy as he explored her. His tongue found her pouting clit and bathed it. He could probably feel it grow against his tongue as she became almost unbearable excited.
She squirmed under his mouth, watching his dark head move between her thighs. It was almost too much. She almost wanted to get away from the intensity of it...
He gave it to her. Thrusting his hips, he pushed inside her to the root of him. She was wet from the climax he'd given her that he slid deep inside without any pain, despite his large size. Her back arched at the sensation of him filling her, stretching her muscles and overwhelming her.
He stayed that way for a moment, sunk deep into the heart of her, and groaned. He murmured her name, told her how she felt around his cock--hot, silky, and perfect. Then he began to move and she couldn't hear anything else he said. Her world became Gabriel thrusting inside her.
There was something animalistic and primal about the way he took her and it pushed every button she had. He pushed inside her to the hilt, withdrew and plunged within again, pulling a raw sound from her throat. Over and over. Harder and faster.
She braced her hands flat on the floor and wished for something to grip. Instead she curled her fingers into the thick carpeting. He drew his hand around to her front, between her thighs, and stroked her clit. Softly, he pushed it past that sensitive point of postclimax and straight back to swollen, aching need.
This was not a gentle lovemaking. He took from her, demanded of her, pushed her.

Happy Monday. ;)



  1. Bells, have I told you how much I love your Monday posts? YUM! You pick such delicious boyfriends, I fully applaud your taste in men:)

  2. Jenny: Why thank you Jenny. :D

  3. Gabriel is so HOT! Great choice.

  4. So it seems Tweer pressure is going to make me start ANOTHER series! Awesome. :-) great post!

  5. OH SNAP!!! I *JUST* pulled this book off my bookshelf to read.... I'm soooooo on it! You've done it again gurl... you've done dooed it AGAIN!!!