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Exclusive Interview & Giveaway with J.A. Saare!

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite new authors J.A. Saare. As most of you probably know, she is the author of one of my favorite reads of the year Dead, Undead, and Somewhere In Between. I wanted to take the opportunity to get as many details as I could about book 2 in the Rhiannon's Law Series, The Renfield Syndrome as well as find out info about some of her other books. There is also going to be a great giveaway! Details are after the interview.

Bells: Jaime as you know I love this book with all my heart and I am desperately awaiting The Renfield Syndrome. Any idea when we could expect to get our hands on the book? (If you haven't read Dead, The Renfield Syndrome is book 2 in the series)

JA Saare: First -- thank you for having me on your blog. You know I’m a big fan of you *hugs* and it’s great to be here. Right now, I’m not certain when you’ll see the next book. I can tell you that it will be written *crosses fingers*by the end of October. The issue is things such as publishing houses, where to submit, etc. I’ve never discussed this openly but, since I adore you and it needs to be said, I will just for you.
I am aware (as is everyone who has read the book) that there are numerous editing problems with Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between. I won’t go into the specifics, but I will say as an author that I am appalled and apologize to each and every person/fan/reader that paid their hard earned money for a book that is flawed and difficult to read. My goal now is not only to write a better book, but to ensure that the audience gets what they pay for -- something enjoyable that is also free of errors. My hope is that I will find the right home for the book when it’s finished. I’m working as quickly as I can to get the manuscript done so that I can submit it and hopefully have it to you as soon as possible.

Bells: Sounds like editing can be a headache and isn’t what I imagined it to be. Don’t worry, we’ll wait, but don’t make us wait too long!

JA Saare: *laughs* I won’t, promise! The entire process of editing is something I’ve only recently learned about, after being published by one of the top three publishers (in my opinion) in the e-publishing industry. Once I was picked up by Loose Id, I truly understood the worked involved in producing a solid product. My editor, Mary, is on the BALL and doesn’t let anything slide. We did ten rounds of edits (in fact, at one point I had over 1100 comments on my manuscript for things and clarity!), but I appreciated it because I understood that this was the kind of press that took pride in what they produce and sell. Many presses are either author mills who sign as many authors as they can for the sole purpose of making a buck and don’t help promote because they make their money regardless because the author (usually) will buy their own print copies and pad the wallets of those who get a higher royalty. That is why it is imperative that upcoming authors truly do their research and aim HIGH. Don’t settle for less. My great friend Madelyn Ford told me after we met that it was time for me to aim for the best and work my way down. It’s not a bad ideal to live by.

Bells: Is there anything you can tell this die hard Disco lover about The Renfield Syndrome? (Die hard? Umm...OBSESSED!)

JA Saare: Expect changes -- a lot of them. When I sat down and started The Renfield Syndrome, it was, once again, for fun. Now it’s become something else entirely. I feel an enormous pressure to surpass what readers gained from Dead and to offer a rounder and more exciting experience. That means things will be shaken up, there will be surprises you won’t see coming, and there might be another ending you’ll hate me for. I can’t promise at this point, but it’s shaping up to make the world build that much stronger. There are a lot of creatures and entities that Rhiannon has no idea exist. She’s about to get a crash course in the “real” world versus the one she was only partially privy to in Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between.

Bells: Can we get an idea about the premise of The Renfield Syndrome?

JA Saare: The story literally picks up where Dead left off -- with Rhiannon sitting on her ass, staring at The Blood Times. She gets up, starts walking around, and discovers a world far different from the one she left behind. It doesn’t take long for her to get into trouble, and from this point forward it’s a race against time, a demon with a vendetta, and her determination to right a whole lot of wrongs that have occurred in her absence in the last one-hundred and one years. One of the major differences in this story is you get to see the softer side of Rhiannon. A lot of shit has gone down, and she faces more than a period of adjustment or acceptance.
I really can’t say more. *grin*

Bells: So excited, I can’t wait! Now I have to ask you about Crimson Moon. I’ve seen a lot of reviewers comparing it to Twilight. Personally I didn’t see the connection aside from vamps and werewolves which are in a lot of books. How do you feel about this? Do you see the similarities?

JA Saare: I was actually kind of shocked when this started going around. Not because I’m offended but because it seemed a bit strange. In Twilight and Crimson Moon, you have vamps and weres (as you mentioned), a forbidden love, and choices that have to be made. However, when you really think about it, those are common catalysts for many stories. I mentioned on the Vampire Book Club blog visit that I did understand why some would feel the connection, as you do have a first person narrative via the heroine, as well as a love triangle with a young girl, a vampire, and werewolf. However, there are also differences, especially when it comes to the sexual content and darkness of the book. Since the book got longer and longer (it is currently a trilogy) you’ll learn that as things progress, those themes (and the sexual content) will increase.

Bells: Well I’m team Trent, and I seem to be the only person so far. (He's totally mine!) Will we get to see more of Trent in Crimson Sunrise (Book Two)?

JA Saare: Definitely. If you’ve read the blurb, you know that Caleb and Emma are faced with heartbreak when Caleb’s sister Sammie goes missing. In Caleb’s absence to find his sister, Emma finds herself facing a danger she never expects, and guess who comes to save the day? If you’re a fan of Trent, I have to warn you to be prepared for some heart wrenching scenes between him and Emma. Although he let her go in the larger sense, he still harbors strong feelings for her, and those have to be faced and dealt with in this installment. I actually felt really bad for all I put him through in Crimson Sunrise. I wasn’t nice to Trent at all, which is why I’ll eventually have to write something solely for him so he gets the HEA he deserves. (His HEA should totally involve me!)

Bells: Will we get to see more of Emma’s powers?

JA Saare: Absolutely. Being around vampires creates another kind of energy she can manipulate and control. Werewolves are different, being creatures of the earth if you will. You also get to witness her growing from the girl you know into the woman she will become.

Bells: Okay, I have to ask about the Pit scene in Crimson Moon in which Caleb has to fight to protect Emma. It’s one of my favorite parts of the book. I thought it was exciting and it reminded me of Fight Club. Can you tell me about how you created that scene?

JA Saare: It’s so funny that you mention that scene, because it was “seeing” that scene in my head that got me to write Crimson Moon in the first place. I was driving to Hell-Mart, listening to The Hand That Feeds by Nine Inch Nails, and this scene popped into my head of this large and massive man protecting this smaller and more fragile girl from werewolves who were preparing to attack her in this deep Pit created in the earth. I saw the crowded rails above, the feral creatures urging them on, and my blood started pumping and my muse came to life. I came home, sat down, and started writing. Granted, my writing (aka the story) didn’t start at the Pit scene, but it certainly created incentive to get there. From the moment I sat in the chair at the PC, I was doomed. I literally could not stop writing, even after I got to the Pit, wrote the scene, and continued forward. So there you go -- that's how the scene came about. To this day, when I hear The Hand That Feeds, I think of Haven’s Pit and that part of the book.

Bells: Does music go hand and hand with your stories? Do you find that music helps you when you write? Do scenes come into your mind while listening to music?

JA Saare: More often than not, they do. Okay, I feel like a total dork for confessing this, but here you go. When I was a teenager I got the Bram Stoker’s Dracula musical score. I used to lie in my bed, close my eyes, and create this little “movies” in my head. Most of them centered on this girl who kicked vampire ass and got into a lot of trouble, but there were also a lot of emotional ones as well. Now when I write, I’ll find this still occurs although in a different context. Since I wear ipod everywhere, I can get snippets from the books I’m writing as I’m doing laundry or other mundane things. I also get inspiration as I’m driving in the car, since the music is cranked to the max, and I can let my mind relax and go with the flow.

Bells: Let’s move on to Eternity and a Day which is written under your pin name Aline Hunter. Why dragons? Do they appeal to you?

JA Saare: *laughs* Actually, I’m a unicorn girl. However, when I decided to start a paranormal romance series, I wanted to do something different, which meant creating my own “race” of beings. Draigens came into being due to this. I think there is something incredibly sexy about a man who is actually a ferocious and fire breathing beast when he wants to be. Of course, I also got to research dragon tongue (it is an actual language!) and create my own races along the way.

Bells: I love unicorns too! Do you think you’ll ever have a unicorn in one of your books? (Yes I'm being silly!)

JA Saare: Right now, I say no. But never say never!

Bells: There is a lot going on in this book. It took me reading it twice to absorb it all. I'm glad that I did because there were some important things that I did not catch during the first read. Did you know going in that there would be so much involved?

JA Saare: Eternity and a Day was a huge undertaking for a lot of reasons. First, I did months of research into Greek mythology. There was a lot to cover and a lot of races I took from and changed to suit my own purposes. You get a lot of that, as the Otherworld is the place between the dimension people view as earth and heaven and hell. That alone is a lot to explain. When you throw in warring races, a man and woman who are Fated to each other but shouldn’t be, and the chaos that arises from their union (as well as the secret behind Runa’s lineage) it became far more complex than I originally planned. I did try my best (as did my editor) to clarify, but I am aware that it’s the kind of story that requires a slow read with focus. Skimming won’t do you any favors (and I know how easy it is to skim). I promise that I’ll do my best to ensure it’s an easier experience with Dark Hunger on a Killing Moon, the second installment in the series.

Bells: Do you know how many books you have planned in this series? I know I want to see more Lucian.

JA Saare: Right now, it’s limitless. You have Byron and Elsa, Lucian and Yuvi, all the unmated Draigen brothers, etc. The next book focuses on the vampire king, Bridon Walkyr and Lycae princess Willow Miloradovic.

Bells: So what else do you have coming out for us in the future?

JA Saare: Next week, Hungry For Your Love releases (September 28th) in bookstores. I’m so excited by this and can’t wait to pick up a copy. I also have my novelette, Hunger Undone, releasing on October 1st from Amira Press. It’s a very hot and sexy short story about a jaguar shifter, his mate, and a reunion that has been a long time in the making. I really enjoyed writing it, so I hope that people enjoy it. As for other things, I have two projects under consideration at various presses, as well as Omega Mine, a full-length paranormal romance (which you know alllll about *grin*) that is making the rounds. I’m currently revising a contemporary BDSM novella (Make Me Shiver) that is so much harder to write than I anticipated. It’s my first ever contemporary romance, and I’m finding it hard not to include shape shifters, vampires, or things that go bump in the night.

Next year you can expect to see Crimson Sunrise, since the contract has been signed, as well as (I hope!) a few other projects. I’ve committed to write Dark Hunger on a Killing Moon, and of course, I have to wrap up The Renfield Syndrome.

Bells: Is there anything else you want to add?

JA Saare: Just one -- I'm currently having a contest on my blog to win a Halloween package full of books, a bit of swag, and a $50 giftcard. If you’re interested, drop by and click on the link in the sidebar to redirect to see if you’re interested and enter if you’d like.

Thanks for having me on the blog, Bells!  I loved chatting with you! My first ever phone interview!

Bells: Thank you for being on my blog! The interview was lots of fun and I'm sorry we were interrupted a couple of times by The Boss Lady! Hehe! And yes, I am a total fangirl of you now!


JA Saare is graciously giving away a copy of one of her books above and this giveaway is going to be open to everyone! Read below and please pay attention to how you can win the choice of the book you would like.

This giveaway is open to everyone, but, there are some restrictions!

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A big thank you to my Boo JA Saare! I love you girl! Please show her some love by visiting her site, blog, and by purchasing her books. You will love them! Here are some important links:

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