Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Smutty Goodness: Book Boyfriend Edition

I so heart this Monday's Book Boyfriend that I had to re-read his book right after I read it for the first time. While typing up this scene, I had to stop and fan my face a couple of times. Now keep in mind, this is part of the scene. Can you imagine how I felt while I read the entire scene?!

Book Boyfriend Of the Week:
(look at that back *drooling*)


Scene setup: Helen wants Drake, but is afraid because she doesn't know him that well. She finally gives in.

Normally, under such close scrutiny, she would have though about all her problem areas and all the physical flaws that were too many to name. but this was far more normal. His hot stare, the way his nostrils fares, and the deep stain of lust painted high on his cheeks were enough to drive any self-doubt from her mind. He looked at her like she was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen, like he'd die if he had to look away.

"So beautiful," he growled out in a voice that had her toes curling into the carpet. "I can hardly wait to see you come."

A whimper fell from her lips.

He held her still while he lowered his mouth to her breast. the very tip of his tongue reached out and flicked across her hardened nipple.

Helen gasped and her body arched toward him.

"Just like that, love. Show me what you like."

She did. she used his example and pushed an image through their link showing him what she wanted.

Drake groaned, making an almost animalistic sound of need. "Whatever you want, Helen. Anything you want."

"That was lovely," he told her. she could feel his breath sweeping out over her stomach, which still twitched with little aftershocks of her orgasm. "I think I'd like to see it again."

Oh no. Not so soon. She was too sensitive and worn out from her climax to even begin to consider another one.

And then she felt his tongue flutter over the too sensitive flesh between her thighs and knew she'd been wrong. It wasn't too soon. Not for what Drake was doing to her. Her body met that fleeting touch with hunger. Ravenous need.

"Mmm. that's right , love."

His breath along her thighs excited her and made her hips twist. Drake pinned them, holding them tightly in his big hands. "You're going to hold still while I taste you."

She didn't want to hold still. She wanted to touch him, and she knew she shouldn't let him boss her around like that, but in the next instant, his tongue was lick and hot against her and she couldn't think of anything but how good it felt. he could do whatever he wanted as long as he kept doing that.

Drake's erection throbbed painfully. He needed to be inside her--needed to drive deep until there was no space left anywhere between them. He'd already slid into her mind. It was time for her body to follow suit.

She was slippery and hot under his tongue, making it easy to slide his finger inside her tight sheath. She gasped at that small penetration and her hands curled into fists in the bedspread. The sexy moan she gave him make him shake with need, but he held on. Just a moment longer was all she needed to be ready for him.

He took her mouth in a kiss meant to distract her, captivate her. he wasn't sure how gentle he could be any longer and part of him didn't even care. she was his for the taking, open and ready. so he took. He pressed his erection against her opening and slid the blunt tip inside.

Helen gasped and stiffened and he could feel her shock at the invasion. Drake should have stopped, pulled back, and let her become accustomed to him, but he couldn't. Not now. The frenzied need to be part of her pounded through his body. He was shaking with the force of it, unable to stop himself from pressing onward, sliding deeper, making her take more of him.


Her fingernails dug into his back and she arched her hips up to meet his hungry thrusts. Every time he sank deep, she let out a desperate cry, each one louder that the last. He timed the suckling of his mouth with the pounding of his hips, feeling them both inch closer to the edge of release.

*sigh* Ladies...this book is good. So good that Drake thinks he passed out for a second. PASSED OUT! If you haven't read this series, you are missing out on something good. I can't wait for book 4 this November. It's Madoc's book and he is the bad boy out of the group. I so love bad boys. ;)



  1. I need to catch up on this series!! i still have book two to read in my TBR

    that was a hawt excerpt. Hello Mondays Book boyfriend. NOM!!!!

  2. this reminds me of when we first started talking!! and how you were alllll about your tree sex. haha

  3. hmmm..I've never heard of this series before. Now, I'm really going to have to give it a try.

  4. I'm not familiar with this series, either. Ok... have to find the first book and start reading. Yum!! Thanks for taking time to share (in between fanning yourself, of course) *wicked grin*

  5. *runs to the bookstore chanting Drake, Drake, Drake* He is delicious, thanks Bells!

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  7. OK I am a ding dong! I have to check out this series - The Sentinel Wars - woot woot!