Friday, May 14, 2010

My First Crush

My twitter friends Twimom, Lynette, and Marissa, and I decided that it would be really fun to do a post on our first childhood crushes. So here is my contribution to this wonderful idea!

I had many, many childhood crushes. I don't really remember the first one because I've probably been man crazy from when I cams out of the womb. But there is one that stands out more than the others. And like most of the little black girls, I was in love with him. My first crush was Ralph Tresvant from New Edition!!

This is my favorite 2nd album cover in the history of album covers. #1 is Thriller of couse. (MICHAEL!!!) I used to stare at my cassette cover and just dream of Ralph. Then my 4 girl cousins and I would decide which of us would get which guy. My pushy cousin Olivia would always insist on getting Ralph. I would get Ronnie. Which wasn't too bad, but I wanted Ralph dammit!! Carsandra always chose "Crazy" Bobby Brown. Melissa and Brenda got stuck choosing between Mike or Ricky. *chuckling* But at night when that pushy Olivia wasn't around, I would always dream of Ralph.

So there is my choice of childhood crush. I would love to write more but the 1 yr. old in charge of me (that would be The Boss Lady) doesn't want me to do anything, so I apologize for having such a short post. I'll make it up with my Hump Day Hottie next week. ;D

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. When I see they're names like that I hear them singing in my head "Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike" They were so cute!

  2. Bless the 80's fashion. Don't you just love the rolled up sleeves.

  3. Another New Edition crush, I have never heard of them! Cute pic though, mmmm you name your one year old the Boss Lady, I call mine three year old Miss Diva LOL...

  4. LOL! Ok, I am glad I didn't join this theme, my first crush was so much more embarrassing. JTT! That's right. Jonathan Taylor Thomas... And Leonardo Decaprio. I even had the *Pop Quiz* book about Leo. HAHAHA.

  5. Ahhh the memories. Makes me want to break out the big hair. Yes, I had big 80's hair! :)

  6. I loved Shaun Cassidy and swore I would marry Bo Duke when I was 10. Of course, my sister actually had all the Shaun Cassidy clothes.