Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Releases for 3/30/09

Here are the new releases for 3/30/09 that have caught my eye.


I still have to read book 1 of this series. I have heard so many great things about it and need to get on the ball and read it! I really put this here for Jules cause she loves Ms. Tarabotti.

Everyone is talking about this book! This is another series that I haven't read yet. I am about 40 pages into book 1 of the series and will have to catch up.


So Usher's back with a new CD. I've heard the 1st track off this album and like it a lot. You can't go wrong with an Usher CD. He always has great tracks on it.


There is only one reason that I am watching this movie. 3 words. Robert Downey Jr. I freaking love this man. I really don't think I can say that enough. RDJ is the man! I love his chemistry with Jude Law so I will be purchasing this one so that I can watch RDJ's hotness over and over again. I know this is unrelated but I CANNOT WAIT to see Iron Man 2.

I will be purchasing this movie for the kids. They are so excited that this is out on DVD. My boys love The Chipmunks and my Faith loves the song Single Ladies. The Chippettes sing it in the movie so I'm sure she will be dancing along to the song.

So tell me what new releases you are looking forward to tomorrow.



  1. FIRST.

    I want both of those books so badly. Got Changeless ordered, now I gotta get Silver Borne!

    My Kindle IS Ms. Tarabotti

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  3. I kinda remember you saying that you were going to name your Kindle Ms. Tarabotti. I'm going to call her Ms. T. lol She can say "I pity the fool"

    I had to delete my comment because I forgot to tell you that you're a big dork!

  4. Ive heard good things 'bout Silver Borne, i must read Patrica Briggs asap!

    Great new releases Bells =)

  5. Waiting for Silver Borne, Succubus Shadows, and Changeless. My kids are waiting for the Chipmunks. And doesn't Clash of the Titans come out this weekend? *my wallet cries*

  6. I got a sneak peek at Silver Borne - AWESOME!!

    I'm going out soon to get Changeless...and I can't wait to see Sherlock Holmes! I never made it to the theater. RDJ - RAWR!!

  7. I want to read both the books :)
    Alvin and Chipmunks is a really sweet movie :)

  8. I haven't seen Sherlock Holmes yet, but love me some Robert Downey Jr. I'll have to pick that one up soon. My youngest niece is really excited about Alvin, so I might just end up buying that one for her.

    You are the 4th person today talking about Silver Borne today, must look into this series.

  9. *fan girl scream* I want Changeless!!!! I'm muy excited for Lora Leigh's Lion's Heat. Even though I hated her last release, I really think she is going to bring it with Joans's story ::crosses fingers::

    Isn't Lover Mine coming out at the end of April?

  10. Thanks for all the awesome comments guys. I really only mention the books I am interested in so I'm so glad why you talk about the books you are looking forward to as well. :D

  11. Oh I didn't know Usher had a new CD! *beams* I luvs him and his abs. Why does everything have to come down to abs? Well for me anyways. Great release list, Bells!

  12. I still have to start the two series! Soulless, and even the first book for the Mercy series (which I have on my shelf). I am such a slacker! lol. Thanks for the new releases mention. I am going to HAVE to get to these here.

  13. I wanted to stop back by to let you know I have an award for you. :)

  14. I LOVED the Chipmunks! I'm sure your kids will enjoy it! :)