Friday, February 5, 2010

The Storm of the Century is Coming!!

I have decided to do a special post today dedicated to the storm that is on it's way! It is going to hit the east coast today and will be dumping snow on us all day Friday into Saturday. The wonderful weather people have predicted that my wonderful state of Maryland and the surrounding areas will be receiving 24 inches of snow this weekend! My new twitter friend @Love2Read4Fun has created some wonderful tags for this storm and they are the best way to describe my paranoia right now. LOL! They are: #snowpocalypse and #snowmageddon. Make sure you check out her blog at:

So here is a list of things that will be keeping The Bullock family occupied during the storm:

First up is the TV show Supernatural which features my new obsession Dean played by the irresistible Jensen Ackles. I originally bought Seasons 1-4 for myself so that I may drool and swoon over Dean. But my husband walked in on me watching an episode and started watching. Now my entire family must be present as I am quivering internally with Dean's beautiful face on the screen. Shoutout to all the Dean girls on Twitter!!! Dean Day is coming on 2/14/10 so make sure you come back to my blog on that day!

Whenever I think of blizzard I automatically think of the movie The Day After Tomorrow. What a great movie. It's a movie about the baddest ass storm ever! So bad it threatens to wipe out most of North America. It also features a touching story of parental love. What parent wouldn't venture out into the worse storm ever to save their child. Dennis Quaid is the father that goes out to find and rescue his son played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake's character is stuck in the New York City Public Library during the storm. Now I have to warn all the book lovers out there. There is a horrible scene in this film that features the burning of many books. If you don't think you can't stomach seeing books thrown into a fireplace in order to warm and save people, make sure you turn your head at that scene.

I might have to resort to torture this weekend if the males in my house act up. To do that I put in one of my favorite movies of all time. They hate this movie so much that the title alone makes them scream out loud. It's probably due to the fact that I became obsessed over it and watched it countless times. I mean who doesn't love Mr. Darcy! Yes it is the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice. And before you ladies start a debate over the Colin Firth version, I've seen it as well and this one is my favorite!

I also have a new item in my torture collection. The movie for the Broadway Musical Cats. I have tested it on the family and it is very effective. Just the mere mention of the word Cats makes my boys cover their ears and cower in fear!

Enough of the movies! Let's talk books. I will attempt to read this weekend as well. Keyword is attempt. Here is the book I am currently reading and obsessed about, Archangel's Kiss by the wonderful Nalini Singh:

I was literally on pins and needles to read this book. As most of you know Raphael is currently my book boyfriend. He was replaced by Ethan from Chloe Neill's The Chicagoland Vampires series. But not for long. I will always come back to my beautiful angel. Sigh.

After I'm done with AK I'm going to start on a new series I picked up. The first book of this series is Bound to Please by Lilli Feisty. The second book titled Dare To Surrender. I've heard this series is steamy so maybe they will keep me warm. LOL!

Well that's it for now. To those who are in the path of the storm keep yourselves warm and safe. Take care for now.



  1. Awesome blog, woman! I loved it! Archangel's Kiss will be keeping me busy too. Hehe. Then Flirt, by LKH. Dooderz, my Supernatural season is almost finished. I will finally begin to find out what you're talking about and join you in the internal quiver over Dean. HAHA!

    Oh. But I'm excited for this snow. You quit being paranoid!

  2. Thanks for the shout! I was at Border's Monday and saw Dare To Surrender. I've seen several reviews in the blogosphere. I didn't get it and now I'm kicking myself. Maybe I can run to Border's before the snow gets too bad and buy both of her books? LOL!

  3. Oh Bells..I'm so sick of snow!!

    I am currently reading Dare to Surrender!! Bound to Please is sooooo awesome and this one is definitely giving it competition.

    Colin Firth will always be Mr. Darcy for me!!!!

  4. *Giggles* Omg I'm so excited for Dean Day!! I love it...I think I'll have to come up with a post just for that maybe two. lol Cause I'll have Sam in my pocket. *snicker*

  5. *frantically waves back* Hi fellow Dean girl!!! You've got everything in order to survive this winter storm and I long for Archangel's Kiss too and can't wait to hook up with Raphael :) Have a great weekend hon!

  6. Hi Bells!
    Stacy sent me over and I just wanted to say hi. :)
    I live in NJ and we'll be getting some of that same snowstorm tonight and into tomorrow, but I think we're only expecting upwards of 8", not 24"!! Woweee girl, that'll be fun!

    I love the "The Day After Tomorrow" film, too. The burning of the books was so clever, though, don't you think?

    I need to get Nalini's Archangel's Kiss ASAP! Preferably before the snowstorm!!!

    Have a safe and fun weekend! :)

  7. Stacy sent me over too :)

    I'm avoiding snow for a change (usually in Canada but in France right now), but hope everyone has dug themselves out safely!

    And I'm a Colin Firth girl... in fact, I brought him with me and now might be a good time to indulge :)