Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hump Day Hottie!

I am so excited this week to give this prestigious honor to a man that I have been crushing on for a very long time. Ladies I give you the extremely talented DENZEL WASHINGTON!!

Yes this man is a great actor and fine as well. He has portrayed so many wonderful characters over the years. I was so happy and proud the year he received an Academy Award for his role in Training Day. That character was so wickedly bad. Something you're not used to seeing with Denzel. Well enough of the serious talk, here are a few more pics of this fine specimen:

I have a great story to go along with this weeks post. My son James was given a project in 1st grade in which he had to do a report on a famous African American for Black History Month. He was given Denzel Washington to do his on. I was so excited! I knew of all his great roles and accomplishments. That was easy. I wanted to get the best pictures to put on his poster board. I spent a great deal of time looking for pictures of Denzel. We had his poster board hooked up with wonderful pictures of Denzel. The day I bought the project in the teacher took one look at it and ran to the other teachers to show the pics of Denzel. The couldn't stop looking at it. Well he received an A+. I was so proud that he had received such a wonderful grade. So a couple of days after I noticed that the other kids in the class were bringing home their poster boards. James did not receive his. The teachers took his board! To this day I don't know where they put it but I suspect it was hung up in the Teachers Lounge. LOL! I'm happy I could make such a wonderful contribution to the school.

Don't forget to check Denzel out in his new movie The Book of Eli opening this week!

Make sure you turn in next week because it's my birthday and I have some wonderful photos to share!


  1. LOL!I'm surprised they didn't ask you to make more posters for them :)

    I LOVE Denzel..damn he is fine.