Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No you're not seeing things.

You probably have noticed that something has changed. Yes I changed my blog name. This is all new to me so I am learning as I go. Thanks for being patient.

So I changed the name because I didn't want anyone to think I am a lush. LOL. I started with Bottom's Up as a way of saying cheers! I was going to use champagne bottles as a rating system for anything I was going to review. I was also going to do something fun where I would do a cheer to a person that I liked. I was going to put a picture of their favorite drink and write a little blurb about them. But then I realized that it just didn't seem right. I don't like to drink. I haven't had one in years and never really enjoyed it. So it just didn't make sense to me to have those things in my blog. Drinking is a serious issue and I've seen it's bad effects first hand.

Hanging with Bells is my new name. It feels more like me. I want my blog to be all about fun because I like to have fun. I want to make it feel like we are hanging out together. Hence the name.

So please bear with me as I learn this new world of blogging. I'm sure I will make plenty of mistakes along the way! LOL! An extra special thanks to Kat for being supportive.

Thanks for listening.


  1. Great new name, I love it. Keepin' it real ;]

    I don't drink really either. I don't like to feel bloated. HAHA

  2. LOVE THE NEW NAME! IT SO YOU! I Gotcha back!

  3. Love the new name! I'm glad your making your blog more you. I think that's the most important thing you can do!

  4. ;) Awesome stuff, so glad to "see" you blogging how fun right?! If you need help, let me know I can try as best I can :)

  5. Finally!!!!glad to have you in the blogsphere :) and in SSS of course :)

  6. i love the post and your name is cool :D and i also don't like drinking so we are on the same page :P and i agree with what you said too :D

  7. Love the name change and definitely loved reading your latest blog post!